Holy hell, I think I won the hotwife lottery! We’ve been at it for just a few short months and I can’t believe our good fortune so far. It’s been such an amazing ride that I just had to share…and by ‘share’ I mean I intend to brag…blatantly and un-apologetically. 

First of all I had no idea when I started posting questions and asking y’all for advice that it would have such a positive impact on our lives. I’m happy to say that a few of you have contributed greatly to adding a lot of kink and excitement into our lives that we otherwise may have missed out on. Some of you have gotten me to ‘expand’ my boundaries, and I’m sure my husband is very grateful for that. I’m thoroughly enjoying chatting, texting and sharing our adventures, issues, experiences and thoughts along the way. Since I’m posting this I can’t really call anyone out or be too specific…which is hard because some of the offers we’ve gotten are downright effin’ crazy, awesome, & unbelievable and if I lived near a mountaintop I’d be up there shouting all the time.

We knew from the start that this lifestyle was about quality over quantity but now we’re overwhelmed with an abundance of quality guys…no complaints here, it’s the best kind of problem to have…there’s literally just not enough time to meet everyone. We’ve already made plans with some (2) of you and I can’t wait to meet. We’re turned on, relieved and excited to find guys who enjoy this kink as much as we do, it helps that you guys are incredible people who we would hang out with in ‘real life’. The amount of respectful, intelligent, kind, fascinating men I’ve connected with is icing on the cake of an already great sex life & marriage. I’m definitely a whole package type of girl and I’m pleasantly surprised that there are so many kinky ‘whole package’ guys out there for me to enjoy.

From the messages I’ve received self-esteem seems to be a big reason why a lot of wives aren’t so sure about the ‘hotwife’ lifestyle. Like many of you husbands, my man kept insisting that I was in for a whole new (sexy) perspective about myself and he was right. I’ve always thought I lucked out and locked it up with my super-hot hubby before he realized how goddamn gorgeous he is…he easily could have upgraded and wife’d up just about anyone but I got there first so DIBS!…OK, so my confidence may have been lacking a tiny bit then…I’m recently 30, 3 kids under 6 and I have my fair share of physical ‘flaws’ and imperfections. I was pretty sure that my chances were slim to none in finding anyone and having a mutual attraction and making this fantasy of his a reality. Well I was wrong and I’ve since met with some of the most amazing guys and have enjoyed some very steamy hot nights.

Now let’s just swim over to the shallow end of the pool…As someone who absolutely adores men and all their physical features, I’ve been in hotwife heaven. For those of you ladies wondering what kind of guys are into this kink…in my experience: they’re confident, young, ripped, athletic, handsome beyond belief, hung & kinky. It definitely helps set the mood when you’re meeting someone who looks so damn good that you can’t wait to get them naked. So far I’ve lucked out and have met up with guys that literally make me drool to just look at and have a lot more to offer than an amazing physique…but I’m bragging and being shallow here and in all honesty I can’t get over how incredible these guys look, smell & feel. I’ve been seriously intimidated to meet a few guys because they’re just ridiculously good looking…if that makes sense, but with my husband’s encouragement I went for it and it always works out well (so now I can add fucking models to my hotwife resume). And it’s not just single men, the offers I’ve gotten from women and several couples to join them have floored me. The offer I’ve seriously considered is a couple from the UES of NY…he’s an incredibly sexy French guy (accent & French dirty talk included) and she’s a tall, lean, blonde model (with a really cute German accent). I figure if I’m going to start joining couples then the gorgeous bi-model and her sexy boyfriend are a good start. I had no idea that there were so many guys my age who want to indulge in this kink as a bull or third and they’re all so varied…I’ve come across artists, lawyers, musicians, accountants, athletes, welders, cops, firemen, scientists, physical trainers, etc., all interesting and passionate about their careers & hobbies…which is an awesome bonus because it’s incredibly sexy to watch a good looking guy talk passionately and confidently about something he loves to do.