coupleskinkhotwifepicsandimages2014_233I’ve recently posted the story of our first hotwife experience and realized how important having a good introduction really is. Had it not gone as well as it did we would have nope’d outta there right away, no looking back. We were fortunate enough to be contacted by a ‘bull’ that came across our profile and got in touch and we wound up meeting and having fun. I thought we did our ‘research’ and would be fully prepared to handle any outcome from trying this out…We knew about the potential pitfalls, jealousy, guilt, the ‘reclaiming’ sex, the re-bonding, the sharing pictures & details, etc….well, we weren’t prepared for what I’ll call the ‘aftershocks’ that come right after an encounter.  

So for about 2 full weeks after our first experience we were completely 100% lost in la-la-land; like full on head in the clouds, day-dreamy, out of it. We spent our time sharing knowing glances across the room, extra kisses, lots of affection, a few random giggles about what had happened, the usual cutesy, flirty stuff. I sometimes wonder if everybody goes through that at first. We still kind of do and I wonder if it’s just a part of the entire process (for us, at least). I think that night and the next day (and night) we were primarily wrapped up in the sexual energy, reclaiming and initial aftercare aspects of things. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other, we didn’t get any work done…honestly it was hard to even think straight. We pretty much just went through the motions of our normal routine…but it was filled with as many moment as we could find to sneak away and talk (or have sex). Even though it was very fun for us, it was still crazy…we’d pretty much look at each other and say “wtf, is this crazy” about 10 times a day. It’s a very strange feeling to talk about and after the first time there’s so many details, emotions, worries, to talk about….we just kind of went with it and talked, talked, talked until we were both on the same page and excited to try it again.

If you have yet to try this…here’s a few tips that we can share from our experience about what may happen after that first time: You’re not going to want to get any work done…set up your first time when you’ll have a day or two after to be together and can bond, talk ad enjoy what just went down. We had a Friday night date so we had all night, Saturday and Sunday to kind of laze around and wrap our heads around things.

You’re going to want sex more than ever…and be sneaking off at every chance to get some.

You’re going to want a babysitter (and maybe take a vacation day from work). We pawned our kids off on every family member who owed us a sleepover or a few hours of babysitting (I’m sure you parents can relate, ours are all under 10 and never stop talking and we craved the quiet). Line that shit up now because even if you’re kids the best little things in the world (like ours happen to be) you’re going to want them occupied and there’s only so many times they’ll watch frozen in a week. Pro Tip: Lollipops are a godsend…especially if it’s a rare treat. So yeah, we bribed those little people that live with us with candy…we said yes to a ridiculous number of things if it meant they’d be happy and otherwise entertained for a bit here and there (no regrets). Also build a fort, kids will spend hours in a good fort and you’ll get hours to whisper, to re-connect with each other, make out, fool around, whatever….then everyone’s happy.

Along those same lines…we ate pizza and take out for like a week straight. That’s not at all our style but its easy and making a huge dinner is hard to do when you’re kind of shell shocked. We were so far into la-la land that most days we’d notice it was dinnertime about 5 minutes before…so dinner became quick & easy…gave us more time to sneak off and get busy or talk.

So this ‘aftershock’ from the first hotwife experience was like having an adrenaline rush that lasted for days…we hardly ate, we hardly slept, it was consuming and all we wanted to do was talk, cuddle and have sex. We were both so anxious, nervous, excited, and we just rode it out and tried our best to enjoy those crazy days after.

I can’t imagine what it would have been like if things had gone poorly. We spent so much time & energy after the fact enjoying this; it would have been very disappointing had things not gone well. We were lucky and had a third that helped to make things go so smoothly, but most importantly we spent weeks leading up to it communicating about every detail that we could think of. If you take the time and try to make the first time (or first few times) goes well then I think it pays off in the long run. Like I said, I would have shut it down if things went badly, that was part of deal with trying it in the first place. We wouldn’t hesitate to call it a failed experiment and move on. We had a great first time and a great ‘reclaiming’ period after the fact.

After a day or 4 we were finally able to better examine what we thought about the experience as a whole and how we were feeling. Lengthy discussions were had…daily. We were ready to keep going but we wanted to let this first time ‘sink in’ and we wanted to make sure that we were on the same page about everything. It was a full 2 weeks before we felt like we were back to normal even a little…and even now (months later) we still find ourselves looking at each other like “wtf…how awesome is this?”…and then sneak off for a mid-day quickie.


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