I’m a little tired of everyone pushing the envelope. I am not a fan of people who I feel like are the type that you give an inch and they take a mile; there seems to be an abundance of these types out there (especially on tinder). Like I’m 100% down for some hot no strings, casual sex…but no, that’s not quite enough. Apparently the fact that I don’t want our first meeting to be fucking in a dressing room before we even speak to each other is unreasonable. I know it’s crazy that I’m not up for meeting in public to fuck a stranger within minutes. I mean I am a hotwife so I guess that implies that I’m the easiest woman, ever. /s


It’ so frustrating because I am slutty and I’m up for new and different things but I seem to find a lot of guys who feel the need to take everything further. Wanna grab a drink and go home and fuck….sure we could do that or how about you bring a friend and we have threesome (from the guy I’ve never met and have only chatted with a few times). If I want to come over and fuck they want anal or a threesome right away; how about we just see if we get on well before I bring more people into the mix. If I want to meet for a drink, they want to fuck in the park before our drink. If I’m up for chatting a little it jumps right to get naked on skype for me. If we’re gonna have a drink and hang out it’s why not stay the night or the weekend. I know I’m ranting about my first world hotwife problems; I have no issue with people having preferences, new ideas, and throwing out suggestions but my lord, can you give it a day or two or at least feel it out before asking. Even when I like the person I automatically won’t meet up with them once they ‘want a mile’. Can just getting some primo married pussy be enough for anyone?!?


While I’m ranting can I just ask…what the hell is it with everyone wanting to get me in the shower? The percentage of guys who do this is too damn high in my opinion. I understand from a cleanliness standpoint that it’s nice to get your lover fresh outta the shower but I don’t understand the train of thought that goes with it in these situations. Do guys think I didn’t specifically prepare to come and fuck you (including doing my hair, makeup, shaving, showering, etc). Do you not realize that of course we take our time getting ready to meet you and make sure everything is fresh and clean, who wouldn’t do that? Have you had ladies show up to fuck right from the gym or something? I guess my point is I just don’t get why y’all ask. It’s never mentioned once I meet someone, it’s always in the planning stages, casually thrown out there like ‘oh I can’t wait to fuck you and I’d love to see you all soaped up in the shower so I can massage you and blah blah blah’. It’s a nice thought but for me personally I pretty much turn into Diana Ross the second there’s any moisture in the air…the result of taking a shower without having my ‘hair stuff’ at hand makes me cringe a little. I wouldn’t want to subject anyone but my husband to the level of afro-ness my hair can achieve. I always politely tell guys this and I’ve never had anyone push the issue (too much at least) but it does make me think that you’re meeting up with some dirty birdies if you need to be sure that the chick you met specifically to fuck has showered that day. In case any of you fellas do this, please don’t unless the person is into it.