Let’s just jump right in with a quick Into to Hotwifing, shall we…?

What is a hotwife?

A hotwife is a woman in a committed relationship who has both the freedom and the desire to enjoy sexual relationships with partners outside of her marriage. She does this not only with her husband’s consent but his encouragement and support as well.


Sounds like a pretty straight forward, simple thing….well this fantasy can be as simple as that but like most fantasies that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This is a kink built on love, trust, respect, communication and mutual consent.

It’s not a new idea or a new fantasy but when we started this journey to be a hotwife we were bombarded with misinformation and quickly realized we’d have to figure out our own path and make our own rules for this to be successful for us and our marriage. This website is a culmination of our experiences, our trials and errors and a few tips and tricks to help you indulge in this fantasy.   If you’ve already made the decision to take this kink from a fantasy to a reality then this is for you. I’ve talked with countless hotwives, husbands, couples, single guys and bulls and everyone wants to know what steps to take to make this happen. I know what worked for us and what I’ve learned from other couples in this lifestyle and I love to share what I know to make it easier for others to navigate being a hotwife couple. There’s no right or wrong way to making this work, whatever feels right for your relationship is the right way to go about fulfilling this fantasy. 

First there are a few things to get out of the way. Every step of the way it’s vital to remember that this is your kink and you’re 100% in control, you make the rules and you deal with the consequences. If you feel pressured, unsure, and not ready then hold off. While the benefits are outstanding they only come when you enthusiastically explore this fantasy as a couple. Every couple who partakes in hotwifing has moments when they pull back or completely stop, the reasons vary but the common thread is that if one person isn’t 100% into it then it isn’t worth doing.  

Being a hotwife is not a means to save a relationship but rather it’s a fun and kinky way to enhance an already amazing relationship. In my experience being a hotwife has become a source of fun, excitement, and pride for my marriage; it’s helped us to communicate more clearly and to form a bond like never before.

Whether you’re just curious, starting out or at this for a decade I have something for you below. 


 Hotwife Advice:  How-To & Guides to help couples, hotwives and bulls navigate the who what where and when.


Hotwife FAQ: I’ve been asked the same things over and over so we’ve compiled it all here and welcome your questions so get in touch!


The Hotwife Blog: A place for me to share my first hand experience, share advice and inquire about this hotwife fantasy. Sometimes serious and sometimes just plain silly. There’s a bit of everything here for husbands, bulls, wives, and couples.


Stories: All stories are 100% true! I’ve had some amazing adventures and love to share the feelings, thoughts and emotions as well as all the sexy details of some of my encounters.


Media: For the casual hotwife hobbyist and those that have followed my adventures so far here’s where we’ll have all the pics, videos, texts, and audio that you can handle.

 If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this hotwife kink feel free to get in touch!