you know you're a hotwife when thumbnailI’ve had a few moments when I’ve thought “OK, I’m definitely all in on this hotwife thing”…so after the umptenth time I said it we started keeping a running list of the silly things that make us think “Yup, hotwifing has infiltrated our lives”. So I made a silly infographic about it and also wanted to share this lovely (and embarrassing) story.


It was Thanksgiving, we spent the holiday with my sister and her family at her home. At the end of the night we stood in the entryway collecting our things and saying our goodbyes when I blurted out “Wait, do I have my pants?” (who says that!?!) I was literally scanning the floor for my clothes as I usually do at the end of a ‘date night’…except this was Thanksgiving…at my sisters and I was, of course, fully dressed. Apparently I’m programmed to expect that at the end of the night when I’m getting ready to head home I need to do a double check for things like my pants and panties. Of course I realized right away where I was and how strange I must have looked and I snapped back to reality. Thank the gods my husband was the only one who noticed…and had a good laugh since he knew exactly what I was thinking and where my head was at. To be honest that little 5 second moment blew my mind for the rest of the night. It was like second nature to me…a little subconscious taking over kind of thing. Apparently my subconscious is kind of slutty and leaves her underthings all over the place…at least she’s also organized and makes sure I don’t leave them behind.



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