Thinking about it….question for women.

Thinking about it....question for women. from Hotwife // 15 points 2 years ago There's a huge, varied list of reasons why I initially said yes and now continue to do's a few of them. Of course I said yes to make my...

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Q&A: Need help with my wife

Need help with my wife from Hotwife // 9 points 2 years ago No offense but asking for sexual favors that include other people for a birthday gift probably isn't going to go over well. Have you ever guilt tripped a woman into...

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Told my wife my fantasy and its caused us endless arguments

Told my wife I fantasize about her sleeping with other men and its caused us endless arguments over the last 2 days. Can someone offer clarity to my wife where I stand? from Hotwife // 11 points 1 year ago Not a husband but...

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Q&A: Should wife fuck another guy?

Should wife fuck another guy? from Hotwife // 26 points 2 years ago Don't say 'fuck it' and let guys start plowing your wife. First of all, Yay for you and her...I was the same way. Hubby brought it up and I was on board right...

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Q&A: Does your HW husband play alone too?

Does your HW husband play alone too? from HotWifeLifestyle // 10 points 1 year ago Hey's my input: Our situation is very similar...I started out hotwifing, it wasn't a means for him to get some side action, he just...

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Q&A: Concerning the Husband’s fidelity…

Concerning the Husband's fidelity... from Hotwife // 8 points 1 year ago Wife here: But, why remain faithful as the husband? If you aren't interested in sleeping with other women then you won't, you'll stay faithful to your...

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Q&A: When things aren’t ‘fair’

8 points 11 months ago We've had a few of the same/very similar issues pop up so I sympathize with you and your wife. Here's my advice as someone who has been in your shoes. For starters I'll say that we started out with certain 'rules' for me when I was meeting...

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Q&A: Hotwives, what are you looking for in a bull?

Hotwives, what are you looking for in a bull? 8 points 2 years ago I want someone who understands and appreciates this kink enough to know that they are an addition to an already amazing sex life. Being respectful of my marriage and my time goes a long way. I love the...

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