It is my hope that by sharing my open marriage we will continue to assist and inspire others to live out their fantasies within their marriage.

I intend to provide an honest and realistic viewpoint of what it’s really like to be a hotwife couple and how to navigate this lifestyle with trust, honesty and compassion.

What is a hotwife?


A hotwife is a woman in a committed relationship
who has both the freedom and the desire to enjoy
 relationships with partners outside of her marriage.

She does this not only with her husband’s consent
but his support and encouragement as well.

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I have been fortunate to follow and communicate with the amazing and beautiful Curvyhotwife for sometime now.  Distance is our only restriction our only restriction at the moment, but hopefully one day we will connect in person  We have regularly discussed lifestyle...

About me is the culmination of years of reddit posts, pictures, advice, videos, stories, long talks with my husband, getting to know countless couples, wives and single guys, blood, sweat, tears, late nights, early mornings, mistakes, failures, successes and love. I loved creating this site and I love maintaining it to bring you more information and to ensure that at least some of the info that ‘out there’ about this lifestyle, that I love, is not only  positive but realistic and authentic as well.

Curvy Hotwife