It is my hope that by sharing my hotwife journey we will continue to assist and inspire others to live out their fantasies within their marriage.

I intend to provide an honest and realistic viewpoint of what it’s really like to be a hotwife couple and how to navigate this lifestyle with trust, honesty and compassion.

What is a hotwife?

A hotwife is a woman in a committed relationship
who has both the freedom and the desire to enjoy
sexual relationships with partners outside of her marriage.

She does this not only with her husband’s consent
but his support and encouragement as well.



The Marriage

As a happily married and non-monogamous couple
we know what it takes to navigate the
physical and emotional roller coaster of exploring the hotwife fantasy
while maintaining a happy and healthy marriage.

Get Information & advice from our experiences
incorporating the hotwife lifestyle into our marriage.

The Mrs.

An honest and realistic view of the hotwife fantasy and lifestyle
including my stories, steamy audio from my date nights and much more.

If you’re considering this lifestyle or you’re a longtime hotwife enthusiast
come check out what being a hotwife means to me.


How to guides for coupleswives & more
to help navigate the fantasy successfully

Recommended Reading

Non-monogamy focused recommended literature
as well as relevant articles & more

I’m thrilled to share with you my hotwife matchmaking site.

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