There’s a serious lack of hotwife media out there, don’t you agree? So let’s do something about that…kind of. Since I’m always on the lookout for music that speaks to my ‘hotwife mind’ I’d like to collaborate and come up with a playlist befitting those in the hotwife lifestyle.

Of course there’s no actual ‘hotwife’ music so I’m going with songs that remind me of the ups and downs of living out this fantasy (more so the ups than the downs). I’ve started the playlist on Spotify, so if you have the app, find my playlist and contribute any songs that you feel remind you of the hotwife fantasy. Of course I reserve the right to ignore any shitty music 😉 Feel free to add music from any genre or style and from any artists. There’s many on there that I’m not a fan of but that one song just screams hotwife so I added it. I’ll put it out there that this is the list that I listen to on my way to dates so it’s my own personal hype music (kind of like eye of the tiger before the big game or fight) so the sexier the better. If you want to email me or comment below with the songs you think should be added with an explanation of your reasoning that’ll work too. Thanks in advance for helping me out and contributing. 

You can check out the playlist below or CLICK HERE


As Always, thanks for humoring me. If you’d like to let me know about a song,album or artist without adding it to the playlist, leave a comment and I’ll check them out.

Check out some of my favorite hotwife media below