curvyhotwifepicsandimages2014_177Part of a message I received read:

I don’t want her ever thinking I’m inferior to another person in any way, especially not sexually. And maybe his dick isn’t better than mine just because it’s 3 inches longer. Who knows? I’m not a girl so I’d have no idea what is the difference is like. Some girls claim it matters, some girls don’t. It is hard to tell what YOUR girl really believes when it is 100% guaranteed that she would not hurt your feelings. You know? She can say I’m the best she ever had and my dick is perfect, but she would say that no matter what.       

I can say with certainty that I’ve seen all of your cocks by now, my inbox (and fantasies) will never be the same, so thanks for that guys.

Y’all are a damn good looking group of people and truly have nothing to worry about but I’m learning that it’s an issue that comes up in regards to this kink. Yes, size matters and we take it into consideration, it’s not the end all be all of meeting someone though. Also we ladies are absolutely going to tell you that you’re perfect and your dick is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s just how it is…if you’re not a complete jerk of course. Just as you’re taught to never answer ‘does this make me look fat’ to your girl…we never make hurtful comments about your ‘size’. In most cases it is 100% the truth, we married you (or are dating you) because we like ALL of you and we think that you and your cock are perfect. So yes, we will say it no matter what but it’s probably true so enjoy and don’t second guess it.

I guess I don’t really stand behind “size doesn’t matter” as an across the board thing…I know I have preferences and the beauty of the way we find guys is that I can see what they’re working with before we ever meet in person. I’m starting to wonder what people did before the invention of the dick pic. I guess you just had to go in blind and hope the best?!? Anyway, I know that some people specifically get off on their partners being with other guys who are much bigger than them…not our style but I get it. If you’re stepping out to try new things then it makes sense that size can be one of those differences to experience. In my case there’s been bigger, smaller, thicker, etc… All good, all fun, I still prefer my husband though. If you want your wife to be honest with you about it, then make sure she feels comfortable doing so. Even if you’re not feeling great at that moment, please just act confident! It’s a strange & difficult conversation to have…holy shit you have no idea how it is for us ladies to get through that. In my mind I know it turns on my husband, I know I’m excited to tell him every detail but it’s still it’s just fucking strange to actually voice it out loud. If you’re encouraging her to try new things or hook up with guys that are bigger/longer/thicker than you, be prepared to hear all about it. For us it was about getting to experience a variety of guys and less about my husband wanting me plowed by any ol’ massive unit, but maybe that’s just us. We have a deal in regards to anything hotwife related that we talk it out even if we know it’s something that the other may not want to hear or may be hurt by. I’m 100% honest with him and I know, as most ladies do, that talking about size is a tricky issue.

I was excited to get a chance to meet someone who was clearly the biggest I’d been with to date and my husband knew that and was still all for it happening. I was equally anxious and turned on to tell him how awesome it was for me. It just so happened to be a great night all around and not solely because of the dude’s size (but that was part of it, in all honesty). I had a pit in my stomach on the way home when I thought about how I’d have to describe everything to him and hope he was turned on and not freaked out or insecure. When I got home and told him all the details, including how I was surprised it was so heavy in my hands and how much I enjoyed the challenge of deep-throating him since he mentioned that it only happened once 15+ years ago (um, challenge accepted!). He wasn’t freaked out, he loved hearing that I had fun and that made it much easier to tell him I couldn’t wait to go back for more.

For the record, I still prefer hubby over anyone else in bed (by 1000%). He’s not inferior in anyway just because I’ve slept with someone who is different than him, in fact it makes me think he’s that much more secure and confident since he’s willing to trust me when I tell him that I always have and always will prefer him (and his super awesome perfect cock). I’m so appreciative that he’s encouraging me to try new things, for not being insecure and for making it fun for me to talk about these things with him. From someone who’s been there and done that…I can honestly say that I consider size just another difference that makes someone an individual. Each guy is pretty different from the last anyway from height to smell to voice, age, hair color, profession, race and eye color; size is just something on the list…not the main thing in my mind. My only criteria: Have a normal cock: Don’t have an abnormal cock. I don’t need a solid 9 every time but that’s just me, other chicks know what works for them and what size they prefer and you may be just exactly right to get the job done…at 5″ or 8″…it all depends. I want the whole package deal (physical, mental, personality, etc.) so size doesn’t matter as much as the mix of those qualities does…I won’t lower the bar for a guy with a big cock, I still want a sexy, fit and handsome gentleman attached to it.


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