About Me

I’m your average East Coast housewife…
with a sexy secret.

For the past few years I’ve been exploring the hotwife lifestyle and sharing my encounters with all of you.
I started Curvyhotwife.com at the request from couples around the country who, like me, couldn’t find any realistic and informative information about the hotwife fantasy. When I started this blog there were little to no other hotwife blogs or resources online that I could relate to. I’m a fairly typical 3o something year old mother and housewife.
I wasn’t a swinger…or even swinging from the chandeliers.  Most of the information I came across was cuckold related, tumblr captions, porn, etc and turned me off to the idea…but I was intrigued and knew that we could make this kink our own and do things our way. We’ve been doing our own thing, documenting it and happily sharing it for years.

From me to you…

This blog is 100% created and maintained by yours truly. All words, advice, experiences and content is 100% authentic and 100% from me to you. It’s my hope that you can find value in following along on my journey or at least learn a little more about how this lifestyle looks from one wife’s point of view.

Sharing is Caring

After sharing my experiences for years and getting to know thousands of people who are interested in learning more about the hotwife lifestyle I decided to focus all of my energy on sharing the good, the bad and the ugly….with complete transparency and hopefully a little humor along the way.

It’s not always easy,
but it’s worth it!

 Curvyhotife.com is the culmination of years of reddit posts, pictures, advice, videos, stories, long talks with my husband, getting to know countless couples, wives and single guys, blood, sweat, tears, late nights, early mornings, mistakes, failures, successes and love. I loved creating this site and I love maintaining it to bring you more information and to ensure that at least some of the info that ‘out there’ about this lifestyle, that I love, is not only  positive but realistic and authentic as well.

Here for the naughty bits…?

You’re in luck!
I’m a hotwife that loves to share my adventures. If you’re a hotwife enthusiast or a couple that wants a real inside peak into what a date night is actually like….I’ve got you covered with pics, videos, gifs, audio and stories from my very own hotwife date nights. Everything is real, uncensored and made with lust.  You can purchase videos, join my premium snapchat or become a patron if you’d like to get off while supporting this site and my hotwife lifestyle.

Follow Along With Me…

If you curious about the day to day stuff or you just want to stay up to date and what (and who) I’m doing, follow along with me and my hotwife lifestyle on the various platforms below.
Introduce yourself and feel free to share your hotwife adventures with me too!

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