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First Threesome

My First Threesome I know many of you have patiently waited for the day I’d have a threesome. The day came…and so did we. Let’s get right to the good stuff… Threesome Photos Threesome gifs Not a tiger gif Threesome Videos Laughing and cumming Making me squirt Starting out View from above Take em out Almost Eiffel On Top Switched places Quick pounding When it goes in… Top & bottom From behind Purchase Full Video My favorite photos & video Like What You See? Access past date night videos, gifs pics and much more Become a...

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Thinking about it….question for women.

Thinking about it….question for women. from Hotwife 15 points 2 years ago There’s a huge, varied list of reasons why I initially said yes and now continue to do this…here’s a few of them. Of course I said yes to make my husband happy…to a degree. Although I’m wonderfully submissive in bed, on the day to day I’m not the type to ‘just go along’ with something, nod & smile, or not let my opinion be known. If I didn’t want to sleep with other men I would have declined and it would stay just a fantasy. We’re women,...

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Hotwife Matchmaking: My personal service to help you hook up!

Couples Kink ~A more selective way to play~ Hotwife Matchmaking… Personalized Couples Kink is a private match making service catering to hotwife couples, and those who join us, that are looking for quality pre-vetted partners to meet up with, chat and get to know without the hassles and headaches that conventional dating sites bring. Whether you’re a long term hotwife couple, a single guy with a hotwife fantasy or you’re brand new to the lifestyle, I want to help you fulfill your fantasies. There’s Something For Everyone And For Every Relationship As a woman who’s been active in the hotwife...

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