curvyhotwifepicsandimages2014_035After reading a few posts asking how to get in on this hotwife thing as a single guy I thought I’d throw my two cents out here. After meeting a few they all have mentioned how hard it is as a single guy to get noticed by a couple online and that most women are too overwhelmed with messages to ever respond, I can see how that could be frustrating. We actually prefer single guys and seek them out.

Gentlemen, here’s the shortlist: decent pictures, a clear message to the couple, compliments & tell us what you bring to the table.

Photos: Obviously physical attraction is first and foremost, I don’t want to meet for coffee or drinks and get to know you first, I want to fuck…so unless I look at your picture and think “Hell yeah! I’d love to get my hands on him” then it isn’t going to happen. It’s not personal (ok, well I guess it is) but I like what I like and I have a ‘type’ of guy that I just drool over so I want to see your face/body before I invest too much energy in getting to know you. A face pic is the most important thing for me, it has to be a clear face pic (no sunglasses/hats/terrible lighting) and recent too, I don’t want to be surprised and I don’t want to have to bail when we meet because you don’t look like your photo. I recently noticed that all the guys I’ve met have profile face pic that they’re smiling in; it’s so simple but makes a big difference. You should look like a happy, normal, sexy guy that I’d like to spend a few hours with…not a desperate, sad, mess. If you’re rockin’ a killer body then show that too. As for dick pics…include them. Could give a warning first that you’re sending x rated pics but I’m not going to seriously consider sleeping with someone when I haven’t seen what they’re working with. Please do not take a dick pic on or near a toilet, surely you can find another mirror in another room but there’s nothing less sexy then a toilet and your dirty clothes on the floor.

Getting In Touch: Full sentences guys, full sentences!  “let’s fuck” is an instant turn off almost as much as “Hi” and nothing else. If you want to be considered to join a couple in a hotwife situation here’s what your message should look like; this is from someone I met & enjoyed a few months back and it was one of the first responses we got:

—Good morning guys. I’m an educated, clean, discreet, and respectful guy who lives and works in NYC. While I’m aggressive in the bedroom I’m always happy to respect any limits you might have. This is all about you guys and I know that it’s all about making your fantasies a reality. Just looking to help make that happen. I used to do improv comedy and am a jovial nice guy in general. I would love to hear more about your situation and what you’re looking for. I keep myself in decent shape and everything nice and tidy. Would love to chat soon and start putting the pieces together. Please let me know if you have any questions.— Also, I’m sure you hear it CONSTANTLY, but you’re a very sexy couple and I’d be honored to play with you. I’m very comfortable chatting and swapping pix to get comfortable. Happy to get on the phone right away to verify and move to something real as well.

BAM! Perfect message, addressed us as a couple, mentioned our wants/needs, told us about him, and expressed interest in meeting soon.

Also brings me to my next point… Compliments: Women love them, myself included. A lot of guys make the mistake of thinking that just asking to meet and fuck shows enough interest that being kind & complimentary is unnecessary, let me tell you…it’s not. What you should understand is that I’m already someone’s wife so I’m not looking to be impressed in the same way that a single lady might be. I have someone who already fulfills my every need, want & desire…you are an addition to that. What I get from single guys is the new energy and experience, being flirted with and having fun…make sure that you are making the wife feel good and the husband feel secure. Compliment them, their relationship and get on her good side. Another message I received recently (from one of y’all actually) was this:
— Came across your account on wife-sharing, and I’m relatively new to this scene but you are exceptionally beautiful (which is saying something because there are many pretty girls on this sub, but you’re setting new standards). I thought I fit your bull description, in that I’m the white tall handsome kid who likes to flirt with older women and really mentally stimulate them while turning them on. I just wanted to see if you were east coasters like me and see if you would want to chat a bit. I’d link them, but I’m having trouble so just check my post history to put a face/body to this message, I think you’ll like me at least half as much as I like you. If not, no worries and best of luck with your adventures! —

He also sent this: –I really meant what I said; I think you are extremely attractive and from reading your posts I get the feel that not only are you adventurous and open minded to have fun but you actually like to look for people who aren’t just looking to hook up with no mental fun. So respect on being (or should I say seemingly right now?) such a cool person/hotwife. I’d love to chat more with you, and see if I really am what you’re looking for.–

Again, BAM! perfect message and it definitely got my interest. He happens to be fucking amazing to look at and an amazing guy so he’s got that going for him too, either way we’re meeting up soon and I’m going to thoroughly enjoy him.

What you have to offer/Experience: If you have experience with couples all the better, let us know. If you’re OK with newbies say that too. Initially we wanted someone with some prior experience and even now we like guys who have had enough experience in this situation to know to be respectful of our relationship and get the ins and outs of fulfilling this fantasy, we still love the single guys but our preference is one who “gets it”. If you have an amazing cock, an amazing move, can make a lady squirt, etc…Include it in a not too vulgar way and it could be the thing that sends you to the front of the line.

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