curvyhotwifepicsandimages2014_162Oh OK guys; I think I get this hotwife thing now. Well I understand it a little bit clearer from the ‘husband’s’ point of view…and I gotta say I think I like it. My husband has been chatting on kik with a lovely (a beautiful) girl for a little while now. The other night they had a ‘Skype date’ so they could chat, maybe play and just get to know each other a little better. I know that camming is a huge difference than meeting and fucking someone but it was my first taste of my husband having interest in another woman so it was a little big deal for me.

He was hesitant and had some issues getting everything set up (stalling I think, lol) but I was thrilled for him the whole time.
It’s fun to see your spouse a little nervous and excited to chat with someone. It was fun to be supportive and encouraging and I was genuinely hoping they’d get to play on cam together. I liked knowing that some lucky girl out there was getting just a little time to enjoy what I get to have each and every day and that she would probably tell him all the things I think and say about how handsome and sexy he is. Once I kicked him outta bed, so he would go get on cam, I was so excited to hear about what happened when he was done…I was nervous for him just a little bit too. As I lay in bed waiting for him to come back I had a taste of the desire, arousal and curiosity that I think you husbands usually experience. Before he even left and he was just talking about her I was so turned on and wanted to jump on him right there and then but I played it cool and sent him on his way despite the temptation. I wasn’t jealous at all, which was nice. Not just because it was only Skype but as soon as he went online I couldn’t help but think: I hope she wows him, I hope he’s really turned on and excited and he deserves some primo boobs and pussy to admire and appreciate…I really wanted him to enjoy himself and enjoy her. He doesn’t/didn’t tell me what they’re chatting/texting about or what happened on Skype (other than broad and general things) and I’ve only seen a picture of her briefly but I’m still over the moon happy about it. He’s an amazing man and I want all the best nicest and most wonderful things for him and apparently that includes lots of fun & pleasure with others as well. We took a very long time to get to me being comfortable with being on this end of things but I think I like it here and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

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