sipping-champagne-straw_FotorA few days ago I posted about wanting to meet a redditor so that I could surprise my husband with a post here and he’d finally get a glimpse into the pov of my date that he’s been wanting since we started this hotwife fun…well to my surprise and delight the amazing gentlemen/Redditor I met just last week emailed me this last night.

These are 100% his words; the only thing I edited were the few parts that were marked ‘not for Reddit’ specifically…those are just for my hubby after he comes across this post. I haven’t shown my husband the post or email yet (and this is the one date that he hasn’t heard many details of) so fingers crossed that he likes what he reads.

Here it is…


I had the pleasure of meeting Reddit superstar Mary this past Sunday in NYC. What follows are only my perceptions—I am well aware that this experience primarily took place because of the dynamic between two other people, the timing, and the amazingness of who I was with. Hell, I was just happy to be there. But this is all true—again, true to my own experience of it. For all I know Mary would be like, “Who? Oh yeah, him, he was pretty nice”.

I should start by saying I’ve been the playmate/3rd/friend/whatever (bull makes me cringe) many times, but only after initially meeting in person. I’m in a profession where I am fortunate enough to interact with a lot of women, many of them more open than what is probably the norm, so almost all of my encounters have been after establishing some sort of face to face ‘understanding’ between myself, the wife/girlfriend and their mates. But a woman I know pointed me to the Hotwife subreddit (I thought Reddit was just Roomba sharkcat gifs, who knew?), and I was immediately drawn to Mary’s posts for their openness and by the fact that she is obviously smart, comfortable in who she is, and beyond happy in her relationship with her equally terrific-seeming husband.

So about a month ago, once I found out I was going to be in NY for a business trip, I contacted Mary on Reddit and we started chatting. At that point, my visit was still weeks away, which was super frustrating, especially as I would receive her jaw-dropping pictures and texts from time to time and promptly go crazy— but I also really enjoyed the buildup of flirting and reading about her other adventures in the the meantime—deliciously maddening as it was.

Finally, finally, I got to NY. We had decided to meet at my hotel in Manhattan early on Sunday afternoon, and that morning she sent me a picture of herself taking a bubble bath, getting ready for our time together. Oof. So sexy. A little while later, Mary let me know she was leaving her house and would be at my hotel in about an hour, so I pretended not to be nervous and left my spare room key for her downstairs with the concierge. A side note: before I arrived at the hotel, I had some flirty phone conversations with the concierge, Alana, who had delivered some pre-arrival work stuff I needed(and some champagne I’d ordered) to my room. When I checked in we continued to chat—she was kind of saucy and NY sarcastic and we ended up deciding to go out Monday night. I’d love to say that was par for the course, but no, that has never happened when I’ve check into a hotel before, and yes, it was mostly due to me being turned on about meeting Mary, and yes, my head was spinning knowing that the gorgeous wife I was about to meet was picking up my room key from the woman I was going out with the next night. Hello, New York.

So it’s meeting time. After more than an hour passed I still hadn’t heard from Mary, and I was starting to get antsy. She had told me she didn’t like driving in the city, so in addition to being worked up, I was also starting to get worried about her. To keep my myself distracted and get the yayas out, I called down and asked Alana to bring up some more ice (this was a small boutique hotel, so you have to call down for exotic things like ‘ice’, which is pretty douchetastic, but that’s their thing). We bantered on the phone a bit, but the whole time I was checking to see if Mary had texted that she was close yet. Nope. Alana jokingly told me she’d bring up the ice if she could have a glass of champagne (no you cannot) and I went back to my pacing. After a couple minutes, Alana knocked at the door. But when I opened it, rather than an ice-bearing sarcastic concierge, there stood Mary, looking totally stunning. Holy Shit! I was completely thrown off, and I kind of stammered a surprised hello as I tried to collect myself. My super-suave grand plan of ravishing this gorgeous woman as she walked in was now out (I wasn’t going to jump on her from behind the door or anything—but a kind of a ‘let’s maybe skip the majority of the chit chat til afterwards’ vibe had been mentioned).

Mary came in and sat on the edge of the bed and we talked and drank a little. She is obviously hot in her pictures, but in person, wow. Those beautiful eyes, her smile, her body…it was an embarrassment of riches. I had gotten hard the second she walked in, and even though she was incredibly easy to talk to, there was still only so much small talk I could really muster so after a bit, I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her to me and kissed her, first on the lips and then slowly down to her neck. She is a terrific kisser and I loved feeling her body relax as we made out. After a few minutes (in reality probably about 4 seconds), I stood back and told her to take off her clothes. I think I did anyway. Maybe I just looked at her slack-jawed. Either way, I watched her get undressed. She kept her bra and panties on, slowly leaned back, strrrrretched out on the bed, and, champagne glass in hand, gave me The Look. What a fucking sight that was. Locked in the memory bank forever. Gorgeous.

I stripped down to my underwear and moved on top of her. We kissed a little more, but I was dying to taste her. I started kissing down her neck, to her phenomenal breasts, down her stomach and then she raised her hips so I could slip off her panties. They were soaked. I held them in my hand as I started kissing her thighs. Her hips were moving rhythmically and she was moaning a little. Finally I lightly grazed over her clit and then slowly moved my tongue inside. Oh my god. She tasted amazing. Amazing! Pure sex. I had notions of going down on her for a long, leisurely time (it’s one of my favorite things to do), and I did manage to continue nibbling, sucking, and licking for a short while, feeling her wetness on my face and fingers and listening to her voice rise and fall, I but I couldn’t wait any longer. I moved up and straddled her as she started kissing and sucking my cock. Heaven. I moved her to the edge of the bed, her head leaning back over the edge, and I stood above her as she took me in her mouth again. Heaven, the Sequel. Heaven 2, Electric Boogaloo.

But I had to have her. Had to. Right then. No more waiting. I quickly flipped her around so she was directly under me. She said, “I need to feel you inside me”. I grabbed a condom, and, due to my enthusiasm as I was putting it on, promptly tore right through it. Ummmm… so yeahhhh… hello there, teenage me. I had a brief flash of “Oh my god, I’m gonna tear through an entire box of condoms and I’m going to be like Moses and get to the mountaintop but never be able to enter the Promised Land.” Do you want to be thinking about Old Testament parables before you are about to fuck a gorgeous woman? No. No, you do not. Luckily, Mary wasn’t the least bit thrown by my condom tearing frenzy, so I grabbed another one and off we went.

She was under me, her legs spread, pussy glistening. I told her to touch herself. Watching her move her hand slowly over herself for a few seconds was all I could stand. I pushed her hand out of the way and got on top. As I went in, I could feel myself stiffen more and more and oh my god did she ever feel terrific. So tight. So perfect. I remember feeling like I was going to come right away, and I thought “Oh well, we can still hang out, and she can make fun of me for possibly the most buildup with the least amount of payoff in the history of ever.” But as I started to move and feel every little ridge inside her, I forgot about coming and we just—Started. Fucking. Slow at first. Then harder. I put her legs on my shoulders and went hard and fast while I held her hands tightly. After a pause, I pulled out and she turned over and got on her knees so I could take her from behind. What a glorious sight that ass was. But after a minute, I realized I missed seeing the expressions on her face, so I asked her to move to the other side of the bed, and I had her lay on her back.

As I stood above her and slowly moved inside, I could sense that I had hit a pretty good spot for her. Also she told me so, so I’m not really that clever. And right about then… right about then was the time when it really took off into another realm and launched into a ‘Did that champagne maybe have mushrooms in it?’ kaleidoscope whirlwind blur o’ amazing sex.

I was a goner, lost in the rhythm and just watching and listening to her and enjoying every second. We did this a while—slow, fast, slow, rough, gentle, hard, soft, me on top of her, then standing missionary, then back again…. then finally, with me above her thrusting hard and fast, I felt her thighs clench against me again. Tears were coming out of her eyes. I felt her pussy quiver as she pulled me into her and at first silently convulsed, and then she moaned long and loud and hard. Then she started giggling again, which was possibly the most adorable reaction ever. She suddenly pushed me away, and covered her pussy with her hand. She had goose pimples rising on her gorgeous arms and legs. I was burning up, drenched in sweat, and she was freezing with goosebumps, so I think that between us we covered the entire spectrum of human body temperature. Her skin had gotten super sensitive to the touch, and I was about to pass out, so we quickly crawled under the cover together to give ourselves some time to breathe and recover, and eventually we started talking some more about our lives.

At this point I should mention what a joy it is to see a woman as in love with her husband as Mary is with hers. As she talked about him, it was plain as day that she is head over heels, and at one point she told me that sometimes when he comes into the room her stomach still jumps with nerves like it did when they first started dating ten years ago. How fucking awesome is that?? I loved watching her talk about her husband and her family—her face just lit up as she spoke, and clearly they are where it’s at for her.

After more chatting and sipping, I felt her move closer to me. I hadn’t come yet, and didn’t really think I would at this point. I was so overstimulated (in a fantastic way) that it almost didn’t even matter to me. Almost.;) I felt her breath on my neck and her hand started moving down my thigh, and to my surprise I was instantly hard again. She kissed my chest and down past my stomach and took me in her mouth. Good god. She kissed her way back up and started whispering to me and moving her hips against me as she jacked me off and kissed me some more as I felt her hair sway against me. She told me she wanted to see me come. I was done for. I felt it building inside me and I pushed her back on the bed and got above her. And I came. Oh man, did I come. I came on her chin, on her lips, and on her cheeks. And after the first wave passed, I immediately came some more, this time on her neck and the top of her breasts. As I knelt over her, I looked at this gorgeous woman, her lips covered in come, smiling up at me. And as I gazed slowly over her body, taking it all in, I realized….I had never gotten her bra off this entire time. So technically, if we’re scoring at home, I didn’t even get to second base.

After I finally had the ability to move my extremities again, I checked my phone and was stunned to see how much time had passed. We cleaned up and got dressed, and as we walked out into the hallway together, I saw there were a couple of ice buckets outside my door filled with water—so apparently Alana had indeed stopped by earlier.

I walked Mary to her car and kissed her goodbye. She was already well into ‘ok dude, enough with you, I wanna get home to my family’ mode, which was as charming and, frankly, as touching as could be. After she left, I walked back in the hotel and saw Alana, who gave me the full-on NYC raised eyebrow. “Thanks for the ice,” I said. “How many times did you bring it?”. “I’ll admit to two.” she said. “But it was five.” And before I could respond, she added, “And if you think I’m gonna follow that, you’re out of your fucking mind. You should quit while you’re ahead.” And she was absolutely fucking right.

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