coupleskinkhotwifepicsandimages2014_203Yeah so I joined twitter and found a bull in NY within hours of signing up…never thought I’d be on twitter and really never thought it would turn out to be another place to find bulls (if you’re interested in what I’m sure will be ridiculous tweets I’m @curvyhotwife or@ curvyhotwife on there)

A few other things I never thought I’d hear myself say:

“Is that cock too big?, I think it’s just too big” In my defense it was a 13 inch cock (shampoo bottle thickness)…hubby wanted me to go for it, I want to keep walking straight. The poor guy literally had to jerk off with two hands and all his might…his forearms were pretty ripped though so he had that going for him

“Where are all the virgins at?” Elusive…hard to find close to home…but still looking 🙂

“You want me to fuck how many new guys by new year’s?” it’s 7 by the way, we had a game I had to pick a piece of paper out of a hat and fuck however many people were on the paper. New or repeats. I pick new…repeats are impossible for me apparently.

“Honey I found my fist BBC, I have to call *** (my bff) and tell her, she’s going to be so excited for me!” …as I ran screaming to call her and send her a pic (a PG one). She’s a big fan of BBC and she’s hounded me for years to give it a go so its thing between us.

“I don’t even want to go anymore, I just want the reclaiming sex” ….amiright ladies, sometimes ya just can’t wait to get home, even before you leave for the night.

“Nah, 3 isn’t enough, if I’m going to have a gangbang/train it should be at least 5 or 6, no?” self-explanatory

and one from my husband: “I’ve never been intimidated by a toy before but I never realized there was a toy that gave reality shattering orgasms” For the record the toy is nowhere near as amazing as the real thing but goddamn if I haven’t had a few where I just could. not. function. after!

So yeah this hotwife thing is full of new and exciting things everyday but one of my favorite parts are the conversations I find myself and my husband having. I never anticipated all the dick pics, the strange criteria we use to pick guys, the funny conversations we have about fantasies and some of the things we find ourselves saying just catch me off guard (sometimes as the words come out of my mouth).

Care to share anything that you’ve heard your wife/husband say that’s completely unlike them? Anything surprise you or give you a good laugh?