It’s often talked about so I thought I would dig in a bit more and provide some resources towards the STD/STI conversation.

Look, we’re all adults who are sexually active so we should all be getting tested. Ladies, talk to your gyno about having an open marriage and multiple partners. If you’re uncomfortable or worried about being judged/treated differently, it’s time to find a new gyno. Also utilize Planned Parenthood and other family planning services. They are discrete, kind, helpful and want you to walk away a healthy and informed individual.

Fellas, go to your primary care office, any planned parenthood or family planning service and get tested! It’s quick and easy and can literally save lives.

Now that we all live in a (somewhat) post pandemic world I know that getting to the Dr isn’t always quick and easy so here’s some links to 2 services that you can complete your full panel of STD/STI testing at your convenience. So there’s really no excuse to not get tested and make sure you’re being responsible about your sexual health.

Now I won’t specify what tests to get but you should be getting a full panel done every so often if you’re having any sexual contact with multiple partners. Obviously the schedule will depend on you and how active your sex life is. Keep in mind that results take time, symptoms take time and some STI’s show little to no symptoms so test often. You should talk to your Dr and ask what they would order and follow their advice. If you have any symptoms, get checked immediately and follow up and abstain from fucking until you know what’s going on.

Lastly, a note to my fellow hotwives.

Having new partners may disrupt your natural vaginal PH. It happens. It’s common. It’s still important to communicate any changes to your gynecologist. Vaginas are delicate little ecosystems of joy; having tom, dick, and harry visit means they can introduce new bacteria and germs that make the lady unhappy. We hate this but it’s nothing major. Yeast infections, small tearing from rough sessions, sexy lacy lingerie, waxing or shaving more often, etc all these things can throw ya girl for a whirlwind so take the time to be extra nice to your kitty and keep her happy. I would advise against treating anything yourself at home, always see a professional. Get tested, communicate and be honest with your Dr and happy hotwifing!