Whether you’ve been a hotwife for years or it’s something you’re just considering, you’ve probably thought about doing a boudoir photoshoot at some point and time. In my early days posting on reddit someone sent me a message asking if I’d do a quick photoshoot at a local hotel. Fully nude. I temporarily lost my mind and said yes. I showed up a few days later and spent a few hours naked in a room with an amateur photographer. I was naked, he wasn’t. Oddly it wasn’t as awkward as I would have thought and at the end of the day I can say I did it and managed to not be murdered and buried under a garage somewhere. I have to say, the dude was a pro and total gentleman and got great photos, it was just dumb of me to jump into that situation., live and learn.

So don’t be like me, make better choices.

Since this subreddit has folks from all over I couldn’t possibly list every photographer but if you’re looking into it, here are two companies that offer services all over the United States.

ALL THINGS BOUDOIR https://allthingsboudoir.com/where-should-we-go-next

They’ve been doing the damn thing since 2010 and this team is all women!

From their site:

Our favorite part about boudoir photography is the way it can transform. Women come in expecting to like a couple photos – if they’re lucky. When they walk out of their session feeling like they can take on the world (spoiler alert: they totally can) it’s an amazing thing to witness.

Our inner critics constantly tell us to play small, that we’re not enough. The push for perfection in all things is exhausting. We alone hold the key to freeing ourselves from this pressure. And it’s not by losing 15 pounds or buying better clothes or getting a better job. It’s all in our head. Opening our minds to the idea that we – our lives – are imperfectly perfect.

This is why boudoir photography is so much more than a job to us. We believe a boudoir photo shoot can change lives. As women, we bear the scars of this world while the constant pressure to look fit and youthful keeps us wrapped in shame. Our bodies are strong and amazing vehicles that have taken us on all our adventures, housed and fed our children, and kept us moving forward. Yet, we learn to fear and loathe them.

Our identities are often subconsciously tied to our appearance. Gain a little weight, bear a child, suffer an injury and suddenly you’re relearning how you fit into the world. Losing connection with your body and your sense of self can keep you trapped in a cage of fear and doubt.

Boudoir is an avenue to redefine your relationship with your body and to recapture your confidence. It takes you out of your head and allows you to see the beauty those that love you see in you. If you’re hesitating because you’re waiting to lose ten pounds or feeling deflated, stop waiting and start living today.

THREE BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY https://threeboudoir.com/about/

From their site:

We are big in that we are in 17+ cities but we are small in that we do everything in-house. When you meet your photographer and shoot stylist you are also meeting our photo editors and your neighbor. Big high five to local talent! They live in and are local to the city they work in. We become your best friend at your shoot and stay in touch long after, best friends forevah style. Best friends that not only know boudoir inside and out but that your shoot is gonna leave you madly in love with yourself.

So if it’s something you’re in the market for and don’t know where to start… start here! Boudoir photo shoots make a great gift for any person, hotwife or not! If you’re opening up about your hotwife fantasy and want some ways to show your wife how sexy she is and how sexy you think she is, I highly suggest seeing if this is something she would enjoy. A sexy photo or two won’t turn her into a hotwife overnight but I’m sure the confidence boost and fun memories would be a welcome opportunity for any lady.