coupleskinkhotwifepicsandimages2014_116Anyone else around here noticing how much indulging in this kink can change your sex life…for better or worse. Luckily we’re on the ‘for better’ end of the spectrum and I’m really grateful that my husband brought this idea up to me, otherwise we may have never gotten around to exploring as much as we have in the past few months. Obviously adding new people into the mix will change things but I didn’t realize how it would play out between my husband & me (not including ‘reclaiming sex’…I already anticipated that being a new element for us).     

Since I asked I’ll start:

  • We talk about, think about, and have sex 10 times more than before…it’s ridiculous!


  • We have more quickies than before…he’s taken a liking to getting me off while I text with guys who I’ve met or want to meet…no complaints here, it’s awesome.


  • Our dynamic is different in that we’ve been ‘kinker’ than usual. We’ve always liked to switch things up and try new thing and hotwifing was definitely not a way to ‘spice things up’…I actually really hate that term. We feel like we had it so good that we just had to share…anyway, he’s much more dominant in bed and it’s awesome. Maybe it’s the reclaiming sex and the attitude that comes along with it but wither way, its working for me 😉 I can get vanilla sex whenever I want and that somehow translates into having the kinkier, rougher stuff at home with my husband (we’ve got the whole trust, boundaries, safe words thing down). I like that it’s a dynamic that only we can share.


  • Since starting I found that I like a few things that I never really cared for before. For example, I was never a huge fan of receiving oral as I’m much more of a giver. I preferred to be the one making someone else feel amazing but now I definitely enjoy sitting back and receiving just as much. For my husband this was a huge bonus since he loves,loves,loves to give but I was always ‘meh’ about it. He was encouraging of me to try it more often with other people and so I did, I was more comfortable about enjoying it with him once I got over my hesitation of it in general. Kind of big thing for us since for 10 years he’s been going without and now I can’t get enough.


  • We’ve tried the whole texting, sexting, camming thing (watching & being watched) and so far we’re fans of that and we never would have known if it wasn’t for being a hotwife.

So ladies & gentlemen….mind sharing your thoughts on what this has done for your sex life with your spouse? I’d really like to know from all angles too…husbands, wives, single guys (if this changes your sex life at all)….



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