Indulge me if you will and tell me what your hotwife lifestyle is like
and what your preferences are by completing the questionnaire below.


Thank you for your interest
in taking the Husband Preferences Questionnaire .

It is my hope to learn more about the couples, marriages and people who take part in the hotwife (open marriage) lifestyle. This quiz/survey is specifically for the wonderful husbands that are currently married to (active) hotwives.
Please answer questions honestly. There are no identifying questions, everything is anonymous so there's no need to be less than 100% truthful. There are 47 questions, most of which are required so we can compile the data in a clear, concise way. If you cannot answer or don't want to answer please do not start and abandon the quiz.

1. What is your current age?
2. What state do you live in?
(Please use state abbreviation)
3. What is your current relationship status?
4. How long is your current relationship?
5. I identify as:
6. Do you have children?
7. If you answered YES to having children: Do your children currently live with you?
8. Are your family, friends or children aware of your non monogamous relationship?
9. Have you been cheated on in previous relationships?
10. Has there been any previous infidelity in your CURRENT relationship?
11. If you answered YES to the previous question and there has been infidelity in your current relationship, do you feel that it has been a factor in pursuing a non-monogamous relationship?
12. Do you consider yourself a jealous person?
13. Do you consider yourself dominant or submissive (sexually)?
14. Did you have more partners than your wife before starting?
15. Who currently has more sexual partners?
16. Would you also like to meet up with women?
17. Who introduced the idea of hotwifing (or extra marital activities) to your relationship?
18. Would you be satisfied if this remained only a fantasy?
19. Do you feel hotwifing (opening up) has been a benefit to your relationship?
20. Do you feel your wife is only a hotwife for your enjoyment?
21. Is hotwife porn the majority of your porn viewing habits?
22. Do you have sex more frequetly since fulfilling this fantasy?
23. Do you feel like you have better quality sex since fulfilling this fantasy?
24. Has your sexual confidence improved since fulfilling this fantasy?
25. Overall do you feel more confident since opening up?
26. Do you now or have in past felt less confident directly because of hotwifing?
27. Have you been surprised by your wife's choices in partners?
28. How satisfied are you with your level of involvement in your wife’s encounters?
29. How do you feel about partners using pet names with your wife?
30. Do you vet potential partners for your wife (on her behalf)?
31. How often do you meet a potential partner before play?
32. Do you help your wife get ready for dates? (ex: picking out/buying a date night outfit)
33. What is your preference when it comes to communication with a third?
34. Which arrangement do you prefer most?
35. Do you prefer new partners or repeat partners?
36. Who do you think should pay for dates/hotels?
37. Have you shared your wife with your friends?
38. Do you prefer pictures or videos?
39. Do you prefer photos/video during her dates (real time) or after the fact (post date)?
40. When your wife is on a date what’s the main thing on your mind?
41. How do you typically spend your time while your wife is on a date?
42. Have you ever vetoed one of your wife’s partners?
43. Do you want any sexual acts to remain between the two of you?
44. Are there any sexual acts that your wife only does with others?
45. Do you prefer your wife to use condoms with others?
46. Has living out the fantasy met your expectations?
47. Do you see hotwifing as something you'd like to continue long term?

Thank you for taking the Husband Preferences Questionnaire .

If you have any questions you'd like to see added, quiz ideas, or feedback in general I'd love to hear from you so please get in touch.

Check back often as anonymous quiz data is compiled and posted on the blog.

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