curvyhotwifepicsandimages2014_314Let’s jump right into it. you found a hotwife, she wants to meet you, you want to make a good impression…here’s a few things that might help.




Early On: Check in. After the fact. check in. Unless things went terribly bad and you’ve agreed to forget it ever happened it never hurts to keep in touch with a couple that you want to meet or have met. Of course that’s not every couples preference so it doesn’t hurt to ask but for the most part…being friendly and keeping in touch will keep you ‘in the running’ when we’re looking to make plans with someone.


Husbands: This is something that is done as a couple and it’s wise not to forget that. Out of sight, out of mind isn’t really something that applies with this kink. While my husband may not be in the bed or room with us he’s just as much a part of this fantasy as I am. His thoughts, ideas, preferences and comfort level are on my mind the entire time I’m with you and if you keep that in mind, you’ll go far. I have a few all time favorite experiences and it’s no coincidence that they’re all with the guys who understand this kink and don’t shy away from including or talking about my husband. Some have gone as far as to text him throughout our date (which I found to be a HUGE turn on) and most others get in touch after.


Compliments: It’s great to feel desired, compliments go a long way to making that happen with someone you’re just meeting. Just because you have us at your place (hotel, car, etc) doesn’t mean the work is done just yet. For the most part us ladies are looking for the whole package…not just your package.Call me old fashioned but I like a little build up of sexual tension before your cock is rammed down my throat. Getting us ladies to meet you in person is half the work…once we’re there down stop laying on the charm.


Requests: I think we’re pretty go with flow when it comes to meeting new guys. We’ve found that keeping expectations fluid helps us avoid issues later on…but we still have a few requests of the guys I meet. Ask the couple you’re meeting what they expect, if they have any requests of you. Maybe they like a particular hotel over another, a certain wine, or even a specific pic she wants to surprise her hubby with; whatever it might be it’s a good idea to ask if there’s any requests that you can fulfill for them if you’re willing.


Video: Those of us who share and who meet solo generally enjoy getting photos and videos. I like to have them so that if my husband wants to know what I was up to I can show him. He loves video and audio and face pics while I’m getting fucked so I try to get those for him but it doesn’t always work out. If you say you’re down to take pics…TAKE THEM! There’s a lot going on for us wives so don’t hesitate to remind us and take the initiative in getting video and pics. Also if it’s left up to me the pics will be of you and (no offense) my husband just doesn’t really care what the top of your head looks like…he’d much rather see his wife with a mouth full or my expressions so take the camera and start snapping away. More pictures are always better…unless it messes up your game in the moment and is too distracting. orgasms < bringing home pics.


Lighting: The guys I meet have a lot in common…a love of white walls, a love of meeting at high noon, and they all hate curtains. After the umpteenth time that I came back from a date that included those things I had to ask my husband what was it with men’s aversion to flattering lighting. I’m not asking for candlelight, in fact I want those pics to come out great so I’m all for keeping the lights on but I think that means very different things to men and women. Can we compromise…turn on some lights…close the curtains if it’s earlier than 5 pm. I don’t want to leave with a migraine from the hours of fucking combined with the blinding white brightness that is your apartment. I’ll admit I’m way more sensitive to light than most so maybe that why I take issue with it but I think most folks don’t want to feel like they’re on display in the brightness of a thousand fitting rooms when we should be focusing on having fun in bed.


Safety & Comfort: I’ve covered this before but it’s worth mentioning again. My husband wants to spend his evening being turned on and excited for my return; not worried about my safety while I’m with you. Of course I want to feel safe, comfortable and respected as well so make sure that happens. We try our best to cross our T’s and dot our I’s when it comes to safety precautions so anything you can do to ease our mind helps. Show the couple you’re a stand up guy through actions and not just words. Bring condoms, give them your name, address and phone number, open/buy drinks in front of me so I know there’s nothing in it. Avoid last minute changes in location, who’s going to be home, etc…it always comes off a sketchy to me (unless there’s a logical reason). Keeping thing open honest will go a loooong way towards ensuring a great date.


Be A Gentleman: If you want to make the best impression keep in mind that both myself and my husband are factors in this kink. When I come home and fill him in on the details he always picks up on the little things that show how much of a gentleman you are..Did you walk me to my car at night, did you check in to make sure I made it home safely? Even the little things like did you get me a towel to clean up after you came all over me or did you not even notice? Did you try pushing any boundaries that we have (and communicated to you)?  Did you say anything negative about my husband or marriage? You should be aware that when we step back and evaluate the evening as a whole we both factor in all these little things.

These things are all based on my experiences and preferences so your mileage may vary depending on the wife you meet. Overall just be a decent guy and if you’re not sure of something as the couple or wife your interested in. Everyone has their own way of doing things but the general theme is that us wives want to feel safe and excited as we fulfill this fantasy. Our husbands want us to spend our time with gentlemen who understand and respect this kink and the boundaries that come with it. As a couple we’re trusting you to join in on something that’s usually pretty private and intimate so if you accept then work with us to ensure that everyone comes out of each encounter happy and satisfied.


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