worried-woman_FotorEvery so often we come across a person, situation or offer that just rubs us the wrong way. I don’t usually post about it because we just let it go and move on but since this isn’t the usual catfish story I figured I’d share.

We’ve been in touch with *Arnold (not his name) for just a few days and have been chatting here and there. He’s attractive, a little younger than I am, fairly local and said he was looking for a FWB situation. After chatting and exchanging photos I was planning to head over to his place tomorrow to hang out for a bit and chat. He was really insistent that he didn’t want anything more than that and we should just hang out and see how we got along, not usually my style but it was new so I figured I’d embrace it and see how it went. Just as I’m almost looking forward to meeting up (to not fuck) he sends a message that caught my attention.
He mentions that he has a really exciting idea I might like to try. Well I’m usually all for exciting ideas so I was game to see where he was going with it. Well he was going the route of asking me to meet him at a hotel to fuck on Chaturbate so he could “double his profits” on his account. Certainly is a first as far as random offers go. So now I have to cancel on this guy who I was looking forward to meeting because I don’t trust him. I feel like with or without my consent he’ll be broadcasting and that’s just not ok with us. I’m all for camming, I actually set up a chaturbate account so we could play online and stretch our exhibitionist muscles and have some hotwife fun but haven’t found time to try it out yet. He’s being awfully insistent that I bring my ID and send them a verification pic when we meet so we can start right away…so my date just turned into a business deal (and honestly it didn’t even sound like a lucrative one and the businesswoman in me was a little offended at his offer) and if it wasn’t such a strange situation I might be more disappointed. Also who goes from 100% only a drink and a chat to let’s fuck on cam for $ within 12 hours!?! So yeah…I’m gonna go with my spidey sense on this one and cancel.

I should add that I find it amusing but in all seriousness one of our rules is that if one of us has so much as a bad feeling/intuition about a situation we back out right away. Personally I don’t care if I pull in the driveway about to meet someone; if I get a bad feeling I’ll turn right around and go home. If anything the person you’re meeting says, implies, plans anything that you (as a couple) aren’t comfortable with then cancel, back out, say no, run for the hills…whatever it is that gets you as far away from bad juju as possible. Safety first 🙂

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