I was recently asked by The Cuckold consultant to partake in an interview with him about my hotwife lifestyle. I’ve been waiting to share it here and now that it’s live on his site I’d love for you all to check it out.

I was happy to share details of what this lifestyle looks like to me so that other couples have as much information as possible before jumping into this lifestyle and The Cuckold Consultant clearly aims to help couples on his site just as much as I do. His questions are great and it was fun to sit down and actually think through the different topics; I hope there’s some helpful information in there. Even though I’ve been asked many times to share my thoughts via interview this is the first time I have, my husband even joined in for a question so there’s another first. I’m truly excited to share the interview with you now and I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Here’s the start of the interview….follow the ink to read the interview  

Q: How did you get started in the hotwifing lifestyle?

A: We started in the hotwife lifestyle about 3 years ago with a pretty casual conversation to be honest. Over a few months, we had been offhandedly mentioning that when the kids were older we should try out swinging.  That led to my husband bringing it up again a few days later but with a slight twist. Since it’s unlikely that we’d both be able to go out and play together (due to our schedules, young kids at home and a lack of babysitters) he asked If I’d be interested in ‘hotwifing’ since that was also a fantasy of his. I was intrigued to say the least and the conversation escalated from there.

The conversations leading up to making it a reality were casual and laid back as well, in part because I didn’t think it would work out. We discussed expectations, established boundaries and all that good (and crucial) stuff and then we made our first online dating profile. From there we kind of jumped in head first (which I don’t recommend) and the lead up was maybe a few days/weeks.


Q: What does your current hotwifing situation look like?

A: Our current hotwife situation looks very different than it did at first. Live and learn I suppose.

I never have and don’t plan on ever sharing exact numbers, it’s one of the few things that stays between myself, my husband and my partners.

As far as frequency, it varies so much. At first I was busy to say the least. Over time though there’s seems to be an ebb and flow to engaging in hotwife play. I’d say I have a date at least monthly but sometimes more often. Since this kink comes after ‘real life’ our availability varies as much as our schedules do. Overall, I’m happy with the current hotwife lifestyle we have. Dates are frequent but they don’t interfere with our day to day stuff.  We communicate about dates, new experiences, and we make the kink work for us and our lifestyle.


Q: What are the 3 most appealing things to you about living your life as a hotwife?

A: The most obvious is the freedom that this lifestyle affords—the freedom to explore new and varying experiences and the freedom to continue being a sexual person with less constraints. There’s also the freedom of communication that its brought to our marriage. This kink opens up a world of new ideas, new sexy topics to discuss and more and it’s all very exciting and new to us.

Part of the appeal is with the fact that in order to live this lifestyle our marriage has to be running on all cylinders. It’s a source of happiness and pride that I know we can manage the ups and downs successfully and that we grow stronger as we live out this kink.

The community around my hotwife journey is a close second. When we started a few years ago I posted on a reddit forum to ask a few questions since it was difficult to find any relevant info online. From there people started following our journey and I’ve been fortunate to have an unbelievable amount of support and encouragement from various people around the world. What started as asking a few quick questions has turned into so much more, like learning how to build and create my hotwife website, posting my date night pics & videos online for fellow hotwife enthusiasts, meeting and chatting with incredible people from various backgrounds, creating couples kink, having a hotwife only kik group, and now I’m on snapchat as a way to reach out even more and talk to people about this lifestyle (and share my day to day life).

From day one I promised (myself and others) that I would be honest, forthright and realistic about our journey and offer what I can to help other couples navigate this kink and I’m proud that I’ve done exactly that and will continue to.  I consider it a privilege that so many people have reached out to me for advice and I’m always happy to help if it means that another couple, husband, wife or single guy as a better experience with living out this fantasy. The community that I’ve found is something that was a complete surprise but it’s truly one of the highlights of this lifestyle for me.

I love having a dirty little secret. In ‘real life’ I’m a mom of three and a loving a devoted wife. I’ve been with my husband since I was 19 (I’m 33) and our friends and family have no idea that we partake in the hotwife lifestyle (let alone that we’re so heavily involved). I love that when I can’t make plans it’s usually because I’ have a hot date that night. I love that nobody knows, besides my husband, that I missed that pta meeting or girl’s night out because I was getting railed in a hotel room by a hot guy that I’d been flirting with for weeks. It’s a unique situation and while I don’t feel the least bit of shame I think it’s oddly fun to have this secret between myself and my husband that’s a little bit dirty, very unexpected and incredibly sexy.

I could go on forever about the various aspects of the hotwife lifestyle that appeal to me but those are the first three that come to mind. Honestly, it’s been an incredible journey that has brought us new friends, relationships and new opportunities that I could have never imagined.


Q: What’s your favorite food, and favorite dessert?

A: Easy, I like meat (vegetarians need not apply) so I’ll go with cheeseburgers.  My favorite dessert is harder to answer; decadence is my downfall. I bake all the time so anything homemade like pie, cookies, cake, etc. I like it all to be honest and I don’t want to pick a favorite.

Check out the full interview here: Curvy Hotwife Interview