coupleskinkhotwifepicsandimages2014_089Sometimes they’re fleeting and sometimes they linger…they’re just as intoxicating in the moment as they are in memory. As a hotwife couple we get to experience something behind closed doors that most people don’t ever get to and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. There’s an energy and love that makes this hotwife thing possible and to be a part of it is not only amazing for our marriage but it makes the world around us a much more sexy and interesting place.

I started meeting men just a few months ago and in what feels like a very short time I’ve amassed quite a collection of these moments…I’m sure many other wives here can relate to these moments/memories and thoughts and surely you’ve shared them with your husbands. I know how much my husband loves to know the details of what I’m thinking, feeling and what stands out to me when I’m with someone else so I’ll just leave this here for him to come across

This whole fantasy/kink is amazing and overwhelming and there are a million things that come to mind when I think of the experiences we’ve had but those are big and obvious and I wanted to explore more of the little moments. There’s been so many of these little moments that I’ve had with my husband and with other men…the delicious little moments that burst back into my mind at the most random of times. Here’s what stands out to me and what those moments consist of:

First time someone else put their hand on my thigh. So simple, sweet and so completely disorienting. It was like having the wind knocked out of me to feel another man’s hand on my leg. It felt like his hand was electric and made my skin tingle and shiver. I could feel every fiber in my pants, every inch of my skin was sensitive where his hand was. My instinct was to jump or punch or anything to change course until I realized it was exactly what I was there for…then being able to relax into it was a head trip. I can only describe it as that all or nothing moment…take a deep breath, decide and let go….as innocent as a hand brushing up my thigh is at the time (and even now) it felt incredible. It took me out of the moment of having a drink with a ‘friend’ and hanging out to remembering that I could enjoy a lot more than just a drink and polite conversation.

The next is D. Well we both know that his incredible good looks are what I haven’t shut up about. The relief when he walked through the door that he was even better looking than his photos was a surprise and I still haven’t gotten over it, ok!?! Kidding… mostly, but he is crazy hot and I was excited. His smile bordered on a smirk and he wore it well, he was tan, tattooed, fit and his eyes sparkled (yeah I said it cause they did literally sparkle). The moment that stands out is standing in our kitchen and him walking past and the smell of his cologne in the air afterwards. It was intoxicating; it filled the air and made the space that was so familiar to me suddenly feel completely different. Throughout the evening of with him I would catch the scent here and there and every time it got to me; it burned my nose just a bit…it was strong and manly and youthful smelling all at the same time. It made my throat dry as I sat and drank my wine and it made my head feel lighter every time I would take a deep breath. He didn’t wear too much, in fact it was just enough that I noticed and wanted to get closer or breath deeper. By the time I had the pleasure of having his body against mine the smell of his cologne on my skin was almost too much. I felt like all of my physical senses were in overdrive.

Of course there’s the welder…first guy I met with that made me cum…he then proceeded to make me cum repeatedly for the next 5 hours…one of the only times I’ve had to tap out first I think. The moment that he first got me off was amazing and I doubt I’ll forget it anytime soon. I was starting to think I had some mental block and I was never going to be able to cum with someone else and that would’ve sucked as far as this fantasy goes. So anyway… as I lay naked in a hotel bed, a little buzzed from the Riesling I had been sipping he had his face between my legs with his 5 o’clock shadow lightly scratching against my inner thighs; I was taking in all the sensations and sounds and thoroughly enjoying myself. I felt myself sitting up, leaning on my elbows (I was on autopilot)…it’s like I had to get a look at what the fuck he could be doing with his mouth on me that felt so good…as he looked up smirking he slid his long fingers inside me just a little more I could no longer form real thoughts… I was happily enjoying receiving when I felt him find the exact right spot and then I heard his deep voice say “mmm, I can feel how close you are, cum for me”. FUCK! I lost it and came hard and I immediately thought about how excited I was to tell you. I remember how excited I was the whole drive home…and when I walked into our bedroom and almost screamed “he made me cum…woo-ho”…I remember that the most. I was giddier to tell you about the night then I was about the actual fucking that had just happened.

The strength and agility of the ruby player also stands out…that non-verbal shit got to me too. I somewhat remember being led to his bedroom and put on my knees and that was exciting because up until then nobody was as dominant as he was. I was expecting him to be strong, agile & muscular because he was athletic but I wasn’t prepared to be ‘tossed around’ a bit and that was fun. The memories of him are that I don’t remember much because he was a smooth mofo…changed positions and moved me where he wanted before I even noticed I was being moved. I also remember that it was quicker than average but intense and packed a lot in a short amount of time…I was so excited to get home and tell you about it that I bailed after round one. I remember smiling on the way back to the car and debating if I should call and tell you I was on my way or if I should surprise you. I remember driving home satisfied and excited for more and excited to be home early and have the whole night ahead of us.

Can’t have a list like this without mentioning #3! I enjoyed pretty much all of my time with him but there’s at least one moment that stands out…feeling him cum down my throat when I blew him shortly after arriving. I loved that he couldn’t hold back and I loved being on my knees in front of him. His hands were in my hair but he was totally distracted so I got to really enjoy myself. Him being especially large (length and girth) made it a new challenge for me and ya know how I love a challenge. I loved that he got ‘lost’ pretty quickly and I knew he was enjoying himself but the best moment was when he came…I could feel it building…from my hand massaging his balls to his cock down my throat I literally felt him throbbing and pulsing until he filled my throat and I swallowed…Holy shit it was amazing. His cock was so heavy and smooth and I could feel every inch of it as he exploded in my mouth….he came pretty hard too so I could feel it just as it hit my throat and was hot and he came a lot. I don’t even have the words to do this justice…it stand out to me though because it was the first time that I held and played with really heavy cock (seriously must be a burden for him to carry that around), and the first time I felt someone cum that hard… it was magical to feel it build and release and I had a front row seat.

Overall every experience is amazing and new and different…and each one has its stand out highlight moments. This hotwife thing has so many emotions all at once but they all come back to you and to us. Every time someone smirks it makes me think of your smirk. Every time someone kisses me I can be lost in that moment and take it all it…their scent and how smooth or rough their face is, what they taste like, their breath and mine mixing…the noise, the way it makes my head light and makes my face and chest feel hot…it’s arousing and it makes me crave you that much more. Whenever I have a moment that makes me a little speechless I think of you and us and how amazing it is that you trust me to have these moments with other men and know that it doesn’t take away from you. Even when the thoughts are about some other guy the feelings are all about you and how much I appreciate who you are and who we are together. I love these little moments; they satisfy my curiosity, they turn me on they make me feel like I’ve got this hotwife thing down (sometimes)…but most of all I love that these moments all remind me of you and how much I love you and how much I love being your wife. I hope you know that I truly mean it when I say that being with other people makes me love you and want you even more (if it’s possible) and that it highlights the love, trust and respect that I have for you. You’re always my favorite and you’re always my number one.