Here’s a quick questionnaire for my fellow hotwives.
It’s all in good fun so don’t fuss over having a perfect answer, just be honest.
It’s anonymous and mostly to indulge my own curiosities
about what you ladies are up to behind closed doors.

1. How many people have you fucked since becoming a hotwife?
2. What's the biggest cock you've had since becoming a hotwife?
3. How many of the men you've met have cum inside you?
4. Where do you like your partners to cum?
5. What aspects of a date night turn you on the most?

6. What, if any, fantasies have you fulfilled since becoming a hotwife?

7. What are your top 3 items on your hotwife sexual bucket list?

8. What physical characteristics do you look for in the men you meet?

9. Do you prefer men that are older or younger than yourself ?
10. Do you prefer one night stands or repeat partners?
11. How often do you fuck other people?

12. Think of your best encounter, what makes it stand out to you?