coupleskinkhotwifepicsandimages2014_207A few weeks ago we were lying in bed watching something about rugby players and I remember mentioning that we needed to find one for me (after seeing the calendar I was sold on the rugby body type–holy hell those guys are beasts)…So I was pleasantly surprised when one pretty much fell into our laps a week later.

We got a message on AFF from ‘The Rugby Player’, he fit our criteria and just so happens to be a rugby player…we messaged back and forth and then started texting a few days ago to set things up. From the back and forth I knew he was smart, good looking, respectful and had experience with couples before….oh, and he pointed out that his rugby skills also translated into the bedroom. So on paper he was everything we look for with a (hopefully) dominant side.

We set things up to meet on Saturday for drinks at a bar near his place. I was already trying to think of a way to get out of meeting at a bar so close to home without coming off as ‘slutty’ and asking to go straight to his place…I mentioned it anyway because I’d rather be thought of as ‘slutty’ then run into a friend while I was out having drinks without you. Luckily, his offer to meet in public was completely for my benefit and he was happy to meet at his place. Leading up to Saturday I was a little more nervous than usual, we were just on the brink of taking a break, but since we decided to go ahead I tried to get excited/turned on. Once Saturday rolled around I was definitely just plain nervous, all damn day! I was happy to have a few things to distract us throughout that morning but eventually the time came that I had to start getting ready. It was great to be able to take my time and enjoy this part of the day for a little bit. After getting your advice on what to wear under my clothes I was dressed and ready to go.

Once I was on my way I tried to be more excited than nervous but the ride was so quick that I didn’t really get to that point. When I found his place and went in I was relived to just be there and finally starting the night. He looked like his pictures but was dressed pretty terribly…not a big deal though. He invited me in and offered me a drink (which he opened in front of me) and we sat in his living room and got comfortable. We sipped our wine and talked about work & friends, travel and all that stuff. With each refill he sat closer or found more and more reasons to rest a hand and there; by the 3rd glass his hand was rubbing up and down my thigh and I was enjoying myself and his flirting. I had mentioned to him earlier that I hurt my knee days before and when the conversation came back around to that he asked how bad it was…I, being oblivious to his moves, waxed on about my clumsiness until he said “well it’s not bad enough for you to come here” and with some quick as hell moves I found myself straddling his lap on the couch while he pulled me in for a kiss. Once we started kissing I could feel his hands grabbing my hips and running up my waist and across my back. As his grip tightened I was grinding myself into his lap and I could feel how hard he was (instant turn on for me). That made me wet and I decided to tease him just a little and pushed my body into his while he kissed me, I had my hands on his shoulders (which were wide & muscular) as I playfully rubbed against him. I slowly took my hoodie off while he was kissing my neck (hands still roaming).

He stood up, took my hand and without a word pulled me into his bedroom. I went for the bed and we made out there for just a minute or so before he was pulling my clothes off and kissing me all over. He quickly moved me to my knees on the floor while he stood towards the end of the bed. I knelt down (thank god for carpet since my knee was still bruised). I looked up at him while I slowly unbuttoned his jeans…once again he had a million buttons (WTF! who is selling men’s pants these days, I want easy access not 48 buttons to undo)…Being the coy person I am I had to say “Are you kidding me with these fucking buttons right now?” to which he relied “you have to earn it”…well I loved that and thought ‘challenge accepted’…buttons done and pants down….he was so hard and his cock was perfectly level with my face; I took him into my mouth right away. I remembered how last time I didn’t get pics during the first round and the thought popped into my mind that I’d have to find a way to get my phone…but then he said “so how abut we get some pictures like you wanted, where’s your phone”. I said “I left it in the living room” and he said/growled “Go get it!”…it was the first real sense of him being dominant and I was into it. I of course listened and when I came back with my phone I climbed to the edge of the bed and handed it to him.

I went right back to sucking his cock. I was on all fours on the edge of the bed and thoroughly enjoying myself. He was really good at putting me exactly where he wanted me and I hardly realized he had moved me until I was already in another position…initially he moved me from the bed onto the floor again so I could go down on him while he took some pictures. He then moved me onto the bed and onto my back while he climbed over me, he sat on my chest, pinning me down and pushing his cock into my mouth. It felt awesome, I was totally able to move and was really comfortable but he still held me in place and was ‘in control’ at the moment. Then he slowly moved down my body teasing me until he started to kiss my thighs and run his hands over my pussy. He went down on me and it was great, the only thing that stood out as that for a while he held my legs together and up in the air while he licked me and that felt amazing. Luckily I got another chance to go down on him when he moved me to suck his cock again while he was going down on me, at that point he said something but it just came out as a garbled something…I liked that he wasn’t able to think straight and he could hardly talk, especially for someone who’s used to commanding people around. So 69-ing ensued and then he had me on my back again and he knelt in front of me and asked if I wanted to be fucked (as he was reaching for a condom). I said yes and he demanded that I ask him nicely so I, very nicely, said ‘yes, please fuck me’ and he still teased me a bit. When he finally pushed his cock into my pussy I thought about how great it felt and of course I thought about you and how you like that that’s my favorite moment. He didn’t hold back at all and he fucked me hard and rough….and consistently so.

I loved hearing how vocal he was while he was fucking me, even if he couldn’t manage any dirty talk. He fucked me kneeling in front of me with my legs over his shoulders, he fucked me with my legs together in the air and he fucked me with all of his weight on top of me (which you know I love) all that time he either held me down or hand his hand pushing my chest down and keeping me in place. He was dominant & forceful but not in any way pushing a boundary, he seemed to know his strength and had the perfect balance of control without making me worry. Again he busted out that rugby agility and strength and had me on my side with my legs pulled up a little and he was kneeling at my side and fucking me (he didn’t pull out or stop in between)…it felt so good and I could have stayed like that for a good long while. Apparently it felt even better to him, I could feel every inch of him stretching me as he picked up speed and fucked me really hard, I liked that he was so into it and grunting and breathing heavy. Within moments of him saying he was going to cum I could feel his cock pulse and he came hard (I’m sure without a condom I would have been perfectly filled from him). I was thrilled that he got off so hard as he flopped onto the bed. It took a minute for him to breathe normally and be able to talk.

I quickly realized I wasn’t going to get multiple rounds like I prefer so I started looking around for my clothes, they were all over the room and I picked them up and started getting dressed. I’m pretty sure he found my bra and thong and handed them to me but since I was already half dressed I put my bra in my purse and threw on the rest of my stuff. He mentioned that it was only 9:10 and he was so happy to get a good night sleep after studying all day, so I didn’t feel bad that I was taking off so quickly after the fact. I did just that and got my things together; as I was leaving he gave me a hug and a kiss and said either “you’re fucking amazing” or “that was fucking amazing” and that he’ll be traveling next week but after that he’s back in town and would love to meet up again. I don’t remember what I said but I’m sure it was polite and non-committal. Then I got in the car, called you and headed home. I knew when I called you so early you were going to think it was a halfway check in and I considered letting you think that and then showing up early but I wanted to be sure you were ready for me since I didn’t cum and I knew you’d make me cum hard as soon as I was home.

Overall I had a lot of fun; he was easy to talk to and get along with and he was a perfect host & gentlemen the entire time. I didn’t cum this time but that’s not a huge deal to me. Also I didn’t get to tease him nearly enough. The upsides….he made the first move, he was a great kisser and he had the non-verbal dominance thing down to a science…he lifted, pushed, held and moved me and ‘tossed me around’ (as you say) into whatever position he wanted and I really liked that he knew exactly what he wanted and he took it. I don’t know yet about going back for more; I’d like to see if he’s more verbal once we’re more comfortable but I also really like a little more give and take in bed so we’ll see I guess.

Also remember Saturday morning when I said it would be highly unlikely but super awesome if I wear out the rugby player? Mission accomplished!


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