There’s a very specific energy to the day of meeting up with someone that kind of hangs in the air throughout the day and doesn’t seem to go away for at least a day or two after. It’s a mix of love between my husband and I, excitement of the unknown (for both of us) and there’s a lot of nervousness all around. I won’t speak for my husband because I know once I start getting ready and leave there’s a whole mix of things that he deals with. I’m sure many hot-wife husbands are already aware of what he’s going through. So from a hot-wife’s perspective here’s my side of things.

Honestly, as much as I want to say it’s a whole day of being so turned on, dripping wet and ready to get it…it’s mostly nerves…oh, the nerves. Stomachaches and butterflies all damn day! It’s exciting because I’m finally meeting someone who I can’t wait to get naked with but it’s equally nerve wrecking in its own unique way. It’s similar to the nerves you feel when you have a crush and you have to go ask them out and you’re nervous and kind of unsure if you’re making a good decision… but you know you want to do it so you’re going to follow through with it on the count of 3.

We generally set things up so that hubby, myself and -amazing guy #?- have a few days’ notice and we start to get excited leading up to the actual meeting. I’m totally excited for the 2 days before and all hyped up and horny and then the day of I usually turn into a bundle of nerves. That’s when I turn to my hubby to be as reassuring and confident as possible. I worry about every little detail and run things past him and he tells me if it’s ridiculous or crazy….it’s always one of the two because I worry about some random, little things. An example: since I don’t ‘voice verify’ guys I worry that they’re going to sound like Kermit the frog in person…don’t ask why, I just like to be prepared for anything and that includes a guy having a terribly cartoon-ish voice. After about 20 little things like that I give in, realize that it’ll be fine and I can politely excuse myself if he does happen to sound like Kermit. Once I get over all the possibilities of what could go wrong, I turn the lens around and start to get nervous that I won’t measure up, I’m working on getting rid of this step entirely but for now it’s still around. I convince myself that whoever I’m meeting is going to be terribly disappointed in my looks, my voice (even though I don’t sound like Kermit), and what if they find out that I’m actually a geek, or really clumsy. Lots of random little insecurities creep in and that’s when my wonderful hubby reminds me of the texts they sent or the fact that they’ve probably seen a million photos of me at that point, etc…he is a savior and always gets my head back on straight and makes me feel like a kick ass lady once again. Once we’ve spent half a day on that nonsense….it’s time to get ready!

Hair and make-up and long showers…oh my! I do my hair early and get it over with since it’s the most time consuming. It’s slightly meditative at this point though and it’s kind of the first step of the night so it’s still exciting. I usually have the kids still running around at that point so there’s not much talking or thinking about what’s to come but that’s kind of fun because we both know what I’m getting ready for. It’s especially fun if I’m on the phone with friends or family like it’s a normal day and myself and my hubby know I’m actually getting ready to go fuck someone. Once my hair is done (like an hour later…takes forever sometimes) I can finally get in the shower. This is where I get a bit of peace and quiet to think about the night ahead. As I do various magical girly things I imagine all the places that he’ll have his hands and mouth later enjoying every inch and curve. Usually we distract the little ones so my husband can peek in and watch me shower and we get a chance to talk logistics for the night. It starts to set in that I have to haul ass and get ready…I tend to laze around avoiding getting dressed and ready so that I can hang out with my husband a little more and talk. The best is when he helps me pick out what to wear. I’m not really the type to get dressed up and go out for drinks with the guys I meet so it’s definitely function first…I’m a big fan of yoga pants…easy on, easy off. Even though I keep it casual I like trying on things in front of my husband and asking for his opinion on the easiest things for someone to rip off of me, what bra is the easiest to undo, how far I can bend over and reach maximum inappropriateness. So far the more we meet the less I’ll be wearing each time and I like to let my hubby pick what I wear and what to leave at home. We have a few more little things we do leading up to me leaving but I’ll just leave that a mystery. Can’t give all my secrets away since I have plans to meet some of you.

Once I leave it sets in that I’m much more on my own in this. I’m finding that I prefer to meet people at their place so I have a chance to take a drive out to them. It’s amazing what a sexy ass playlist and a stretch of highway can do to clear your head. It also happens that I can finally put aside any nervousness and just go with it once I’m out of the house and on my way. I get a chance to think about all the wonderful dirty things they want to do to me and what they said they prefer, like, want, and fantasize about. There’s usually a good amount of my time thinking about what it’ll be like when I get home and how my husband is doing at that very moment. Once I get to -point B- I call home and talk to my husband for a bit, it’s reassuring for both of us I think and it’s nice to hear his voice and know he’s still excited about what might happen, he’s also a huge confidence booster so that helps too. I always call him back a few minutes later when I’m inside so he’s knows I’m OK and alive and all that safety stuff…those few minutes in between talking to my husband and meeting the new guy are just for me so I’ll keep those a secret too.

Once I’m there it’s on. I love getting to meet the person behind the texts, the buildup, the back and forth, the anticipation, sexual tension, innuendo’s. It’s such a rush of adrenaline and a release of tension at the same time along with being so turned on by the incredibly sexy guy in front of me and the one waiting for me at home. I’ve been super fortunate in meeting guys that are just as hot as my husband so I’m always excited to get my hands on the real deal so once I’m there I like to get right to hanging out and having a drink, so on and so forth. I have to admit it’s an amazing situation to be in and I definitely enjoy being able to have a wild fun night and then go home to continue a hot night with my handsome, loving husband.