coupleskinkhotwifepicsandimages2014_534So how many of you couples, wives & bulls have had fantasies of yours fulfilled since starting to play with this kink? I mean outside of the whole hotwife fantasy itself, obviously. More along the lines of if she’s always wanted to fuck a firefighter, cop, baker, candlestick maker, etc… and one comes along and wants to meet up and play out the whole clich√© fantasy.

I’m finding that my fantasy list is growing longer & longer…the crazy part is the right guy(s) seems to come along every time I think of a new one…no complaints here but I do have a bit of hesitation in jumping to fulfill them when the opportunity arises. It feels a little selfish and like it takes away from the part of this hotwife kink that’s about me & my husband fulfilling his/our fantasy…it’s more about me and my fantasy being played out. I have to add that so far my husband has been on board each time and eager for me to go with what makes me feel most excited. He’s been amazing and truly finds pleasure in my pleasure and wants nothing but fun, hot, sexy times for me (and us)…so I’m sure he thinks I should go for it each time (and I pretty much do).

Wives, I’d like to know if you feel guilty if you indulge your own personal fantasies through this kink.

What fantasies have you been able to cross of the list?

Does the reality of it live up to your expectation or surpass it?

Husbands: How do you feel about the fantasy fulfillment aspects of this (not the hotwife fantasy that you’re fulfilling but her specific fantasies)?

Bulls & single guys: Does it make the experience better for you if you know you’re helping to cross something off her bucket list?


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