coupleskinkhotwifepicsandimages2014_323In the interest of sharing our adventures to help make it a little easier for the next couple trying this out I feel it’s fair to be open about all aspects of this lifestyle. I’ve touched on the bad, I often talk about the good and now here’s the awkward…because believe me there will be some awkward moments.

I consider myself pretty lucky with this hotwife stuff, I have yet to have a bad experience and we’re really enjoying exploring this kink…but there has been a few times I’ve come home in tears of laughter…I embarrass easily and I’ve done it a few times with a few different people. I’m fortunate in that the guys I’ve met with are stand up gentlemen and made me feel totally comfortable. Apparently I’m a glutton for punishment because I’m putting it all there…well putting it all out here (doesn’t have the same ring, eh), so here goes:

The first awkward thing: I was going to meet a guy, I’ll call him ‘Three’; he lived about 2 hours away and I was making the trip out to him, well as soon as I’m on my way I get my period…in the car…at the start of a 2 hour trip. My first thought was to cancel at the last minute but I already had to cancel on him once before (kid emergency)…so after talking it over with my husband I went with the intention of having a drink and hopefully making the most of the situation with a blowjob marathon. I was dreading having to tell him, especially because he was the first guy who was way outta my league and I really wanted to fuck him. I ended up having a great time and he could care less and we fucked like crazy (even went back 2 weeks later so we could play without turning his bed into a crime scene).

The next: Met ‘the biker’ few days post ‘shark week’ well guess who decided to show up mid action…luckily it had somehow come up in conversation earlier that night so he knew there was a remote chance of it happening but it still embarrassed me to no end. He was fine about it and fun was had by all but I was still a little red faced after that.

Recently: I met ‘A’ at a hotel close to home. We had a week or two of texting and getting to know each other so I felt pretty good going into it…less nervous & more excited this time. Well I get to the room and he opens the door. A little relief washes over me when I see that he’s even better looking in person than in his pictures. I walk in and he leans in for hug and kiss and then it hits me…he wears the same exact cologne as my ex-husband (and a lot of it)….instant lady boner killer. I’m sure if I could watch that moment back I’d see my nose crinkle then my eyes widen and a very fake smile plastered on my face…it totally threw me off guard and took me out of the moment. I got over it and kept my distance for a bit so I could get to know him and go from there but it was definitely awkward for me.

Can’t forget the squirting incident…it really doesn’t classify as an ‘incident’ but I recently squirted for the first time with someone I met and squirting itself isn’t all that awkward but I was sooo embarrassed for a minute there…it went something like: “fuck you’re gushing everywhere! Have you ever done that? mmm you’re squirting, do you like that. Oh I’m gonna make you squirt all night! I’m lost in lala-land thinking ‘please stop talking and keep doing’….but he wouldn’t stop talking about it and then he just had to show off his soaked arm…and I wished I could have just crawled under the blankets for a minute or an hour at that very moment.

Then there’s the time I met someone at a hotel…pick up my key from the front desk and they gave me the wrong guy’s room. So I show up and knock on the door expecting my sexy trainer on the other end….well I got The Dude minus the shirt & bathrobe, he was hairier and shorter too…he was just as shocked as I was (he was expecting someone named Bianca). It was awkward and I nope’d outta there real quick and found the right room.

Another time I was meeting someone for a repeat visit but he only had a few hours in the afternoon. Ok, fine I go over and we head into the bedroom…it was about 11 am on a wintery, snowy Sunday so it was bright out…and he had his curtains down (or no curtains but I’m not sure). Not a big deal but ladies you know how it feels to be naked in a dressing room in the middle of the winter…it was like that but brighter and the walls were so so very bright white. It wasn’t the ideal for hanging out naked, day drinking & fucking…just felt all kinds of exposed and awkward (and I’m pretty sure his neighbors could see into the window). So the atmosphere was a little awkward to me but again we had a great time, I got over it in a few minutes and the lighting actually made for some awesome pics to bring home to my husband.

There’s also the countless time I’ve been autocorrected from fuck to duck…minor awkwardness since it happens to everyone but it still makes me feel ridiculous when sexting with someone.

So now that I’ve thoroughly embarrassed myself…my point is that it’s never that bad when things don’t go as planned or how you hope for. When you’re meeting someone you hardly know leave a little room for things to get weird…it happens. I’m pretty good at not giving a shit about much so even though I was embarrassed in the moment I always get over it and move on quickly. I love that me and my husband can have a good laugh at the end of the night over my most cringe worthy moments. All’s well that end swell is quickly becoming my motto.


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