Don’t Over promise! Please just stop. It’s not doing you any favors and it’s quite disappointing to us wives & couples.


I’m sure your 13” cock is flawless and can do amazing things. I’m sure you’re the heaviest cummer this side of the Mississippi and of course I believe you when you say that you can literally fuck for 8 straight hours without needing a break. I’m sure you have a repertoire of kinky and exotic things that I’ve never even heard of let alone experienced but in all honesty I’d be happy with a few hours of sex and some interesting conversation.  I think most of us couples would be more than satisfied with someone who is well groomed, intelligent, in decent shape and can hold a conversation. You don’t have to be the biggest, baddest mofo in bed that I’ve ever come across; you don’t need to have some secret magical move you’re going to unleash on me when we meet.  Please stop saying that you want to flip me, throw me around, 69 on the ceiling or whatever the fuck you’re getting at….let’s just fuck and leave the acrobatics for the pro’s.  Plus I’m not petite at 5’7” and thick the idea of you tossing me around is ridiculous and makes me worried that you actually have no idea what I look like.  I love a little kink and adventure as much as the next person but I’m realistic enough to know that the first (or second) time we meet I’m not up for anything really crazy. I don’t want to be handcuffed or tied up and while that’s fun with someone I trust…I don’t trust you like that.  Assume that none of us ladies/wives trust you enough to be tied down, blindfolded and fucked senseless upon first meeting; it’s possible but unlikely.

 And what’s with all the domination? I like things rough and all but let me give you guys a word of advice…leading with all the D/s play is coming on too strong for many of us. Also if that’s what you’re leading with then you don’t know much about D/s play because trust is a huge factor and texting someone for an hour is not the required level of trust. You know what would be great…save the sexting for after “hi, how are you?”.  Feel people out and gauge interest before diving into the crazy train. Make sure you have the same level of kinkiness and it never hurts to ask and find out what that person is into before you launch into how “ I’ll be calling you master while you have me collared and worshiping your cock like a good little slut wife” (Seriously!?!).

I’m always dumbfounded when I get a random message (kik, reddit, aff) that starts with how you’re going to tie me down, make me scream for hours, you’ll cum all over me and destroy my pussy….um, that sounds like torture and certainly not a way to get a date…or a reply. If you’re kinky and dirty and depraved…awesome!  Just keep in mind that there’s no need to jump off with your darkest and most sinister desires, unless that’s what the person is looking for and has explicitly told you so.

The cuckold stuff…ugh! Most hotwife couples are NOT cuckold couples and if they were they’d let you know so stop assuming that it’s all the same thing.  It is not the same thing and you will instantly turn me off and ruin any chance of us getting to know each other. I will assume that if you don’t have the sense to ask if we’re into cuckolding before crossing that boundary that you will also cross other boundaries…or you’re an idiot… in any case you’re automatically denied.

 The straw that broke the camel’s back….I received the message below recently…in and of itself I guess it’s not even the worst we’ve gotten but it was in the midst of a week of nonstop texting with folks who have no idea what this hotwife fantasy is about or what respect is so is was like the icing on a terrible cake that I never asked for…

Just think how sore your holes will be when my friends comer over for the game on Sundays. You’ll be stripped naked and forced to serve every demand we have. Your body used as our toy, stretching your holes and forcing you to fuck yourself with anything we desire. Every touchdown you’ll be pushed on your knees and face fucked until you’re drooling all over your beat red tits. Your throat sore, tears running down your face. As I leave to grab more beer I take the biggest thing I can find on the table, my beer bottle and I shove it in your asshole and tell you to leave it there until I get back. Since you were such a good girl and did as your told you can get on your knees and enjoy everyone’s thick load as it slides down your throat.