curvyhotwifepicsandimages2014_535It appears that quite a few of you have similar questions and requests that have kind of taken over my inbox. As much as I’d like to respond to each of them and meet all of you that’s just not going to happen….so here’s a rundown of our deal with this hotwife kink in regards to meeting up with you handsome subscribers…

First and foremost I need a face pic before I’m willing to start chatting/sexting/meeting. I’m sure your cocks are just lovely but I’m not going to drop everything and run to you because you have a big dick…if I’m not attracted to you then it isn’t going to happen and I don’t like chatting for days, getting my hopes up and then finally getting a pic and having to say thanks but no thanks. Obviously that’s awkward and makes me feel terrible so I’d like to avoid it. If we decide to meet up IRL then I need a verification pic as well. Real time, clear, face pic…just to be on the safe side. If privacy and discretion is your thing then we absolutely respect that; despite how it would appear here on r/hotwife I don’t share/post every adventure I have so your pics, messages, videos etc. are safe with me. If you want me to share (a lot of you really want to meet and have me post here about it) then awesome…let me know and we’ll be sure to get lots of good pics/video/audio or whatever you’re comfortable with.

Our rules: Condoms are a must. No anal sex. I don’t do anything that requires a safe word or leaves me vulnerable (no blindfolds, no restraints) until we know & trust you (and even then it’s not guaranteed). Not a fan of pet names either so don’t call me love, honey, sweetie unless you don’t mind that I won’t reciprocate.

We don’t engage in any cuckold play at all. No humiliation, no talking about hubby in a negative way. That’s easily the quickest way to turn me off.

I really love getting pics/video/audio to bring home so if you’re ok with that let me know. I don’t share/post unless you ask or give permission and even then no faces/ink or anything identifying.

I play solo. Hubby doesn’t watch or join or come with. We do want a MFM with him in the future though so if you’re game let me know.

My husband is as involved as he wants to be so he can check texts/pics/videos at any time. Anything you say can and will be used against you in our private discussions so don’t bother speaking negatively about him, asking if I’d run off with you, if your cock is better than his…again we don’t do the cuck thing so all that accomplishes is pissing us both off.

I don’t meet/play with married guys unless you have permission. I don’t want to be on the receiving end of your scorned wife’s temper, I know how crazy some women can be and I don’t need that nonsense so we’re staying clear. If I said otherwise in the past, sorry but it’s a new rule and we’re sticking to it.

As far as chatting/sexting/texting without meeting: I’m open to helping anyone out with this kink so if you or your wife/girlfriend have questions then feel free to get in touch, we really enjoy talking to other couples about how they navigate this. If you’re looking to chat in general that’s ok too but realize that I’m a wife & mother of 3 kids under 6…I’m busy and not at my phone 24/7 so don’t send me 400 messages and get pissy if I don’t respond immediately. If you want to sext then great, I’m always looking to improve my sexting skills but its hit and miss so again don’t take it personally if I can’t get you off at that very moment. I also don’t mind sharing pics but I need one of you first; I have a big family & social circle and I’d like to know I’m not accidently outing myself so I need that peace of mind. I don’t post or share anything unless I clear it with you first so your pics/texts are safe with. Scouts honor!

If you want to meet then I 100% definitely need a pic…or 10. The lack of face pics is confusing…I assume if you’re on this site you’re interested in married women and you know a bit about this kink. Attraction is top priority (at least for me). I’m not looking to date so I don’t have time to be won over by your sparkling personality. We like the FWB aspects of this but the reality of the situation is that I have to want to fuck you before I meet you and if I don’t know what you look like then I can’t and won’t commit. I like as many pics as you’re comfortable sharing and I of course do the same. A good dick pic will always brighten my day but I prefer face pics…there’s only so many angles I need to see your cock from…but your face/body/overall everyday pics are what I want to check out and see if I’m attracted and would like to meet up.

Since y’all know a bit about me please tell me about yourself. What do you do, age, can you host, what are you interested in…even out the playing field a little bit. Also be upfront about what you’re looking for, I don’t like the endless emails and games, not my style.

oh, and a few quick FAQ since I’m asked a lot about my age/ethnicity, etc…

I’m 30, 5’7…black, French & American Indian. I know it’s a somewhat odd, random mix and no I don’t know what tribe/part of France or any of that. We’ve been married for about 5 years and together at least twice as long. We’ve been doing this for almost a year now…we like bulls & single guys. As long as there’s respect & attraction we’re open to at least chatting a bit and going from there. We’re good with a casual encounter situation but prefer a FWB if it’s possible.

Congrats on getting through another wall of text 🙂