I’m sure every lady here can understand the struggle of trying to find the right thing to wear all the damn time. Date nights I tend to be a lazy bum cause I get overwhelmed trying to find a mix of sexy, cute, comfy, easy access, etc etc. It’s exhausting but also I just don’t love clothes and shopping. Anyway I’ve compiled some places that I looked through and thought a lot of you would enjoy. If you’re buying a gift for your hotwife or lover there’s plenty of lingerie options below and if you’re buying yourself something sexy… I love this for you!

Clothing & Lingerie

Pretty Little Thing https://www.prettylittlething.us/shop-by/going-out/dresses.html

Nasty Gal https://www.nastygal.com/womens/dresses/going-out-dresses

Venus https://www.venus.com/products.aspx?BRANCH=129~4042~

Zara https://www.zara.com/us/en/woman-dresses-lingerie-l4621.html?v1=1884251

Par Bronte Laurent https://www.parbrontelaurent.com/shop-2

Lingerie & Intimates

Gooseberry https://gooseberryintimates.com/collections/shop-all-intimates

Thistle and Spire https://www.thistleandspire.com/

Dark Rozi https://www.darkrozi.com/

Salt and Lace https://www.saltandlaceintimates.com/

Savage x Fenty https://www.savagex.com/products/lingerie?nav=lingerie-main

Fredericks of Hollywood https://www.fredericks.com/whats-new/shop-whats-hot/fall-collection

Anya Lust https://anyalust.com/

Beautifully Undressed https://beautifullyundressed.com/

Liberte https://www.liberte.co/collections/all-products

LaSette https://www.lasette.shop/collections/all

Suzy Black NYC http://www.suzyblacknyc.com/

Love,Vera https://www.lovevera.com/collections/lingerie

Bum Cake Vintage https://bum-cake.com/collections/all

/D.bleu.dazzled https://www.dbleudazzled.com/collections/lingerie?page=1

Everything in bold is a Black owned business. Generally speaking they each carry plus size, curvy and full figured as well. Some of the links are to places like Venus and other fast fashion lines, if that’s not your thing I also implore you to check out the Black owned lingerie lines below as they are vintage/one of a kind/quality pieces.

Also I can’t knock Amazon. I’ve had several pieces sent to me from my Wishlist and I have no complaints. I’ll list a few of my favorites below. In my opinion these were the holy trinity of sexy, comfy and flattering (and I’m a thick lady who hates most lingerie). Added bonus that each piece is under $50, way under.

Bright yellow lace number (in my post history) This one was fun to have ripped off….

Deep V Purple Lace Bodysuit Actually held the girls in so it’s a win but didn’t hold up to washing. Let someone rip it off and then toss it.

Blue Corset (in my post history as well) Amazingly comfy for a corset and pushed my tits to my chin to 10/10.

Bridal White Bodysuit Makes tits look amazing! 9/10 would get fucked in again…and again…and again.