coupleskinkhotwifepicsandimages2014_095Could it be that the novelty of ‘just’ hotwifing wears off so it only makes sense to let the fantasy escalate to another level and try new things, new people, and new acts?

We’ve been doing this hotwife thing for a few months now and we’re thoroughly enjoying ourselves but I’m curious about what’s to come. Maybe some of the hotwife veterans here can chime in and give me a preview. Specifically I want to know if/how/when things escalate in regards to this fantasy. How have your rules changed? Has the type of people you met up with changed overtime? Does the novelty wear off? Do you want to explore this fantasy more than you anticipated? Have you upped your ‘kink factor’ the longer you do this? I’m also curious about this from the 3rd’s POV… any wives/couples wanting to do or try more once they’d been at it awhile?

I ask for a few reasons but mainly because we want to fulfill another fantasy and this kink allows us to do so pretty easily. We really want to set up an intimate gathering with a few of the guys I’ve fucked so far for a night fun & debauchery. Ok, so… yeah… it’s a gangbang but I don’t love the word or what it implies. Ideally we’d really like to just have a night in with a 4 or 5 guys but I’d like to be able to take turns with my guests and enjoy each and every one of them…repeatedly (and together, in front of, etc.). Anyway, we went from my husband being the 3rd person I’d ever slept with to organizing a gangbang within a few short months…I can’t imagine what’s a year or two down the road if things continue to change at this rate.

I will say that there’s no complaint here, we’re quite pleased that this kink has opened the doors to a lot of new, exciting experiences for us and we’re looking forward to it changing and evolving even more in the coming years. So please enlighten me and tell me what else we have to look forward to while we let this play out.


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