Every once in a while I get a message that I’m drawn to…Andrew’s was one of those messages and I’m glad I followed my gut in responding to him right away. With nothing more than a quick message and a body pic I was intrigued and wrote back and within a short time we were chatting on Kik.  Andrew mentioned that he was in the entertainment industry and swore (more than once) it wasn’t porn but he preferred to remain discreet because of his profession (which made me assume it was porn more than if he hadn’t mentioned it).

Over the next few days of chatting I learned that he was a successful and immensely talented actor and a bit of a kinky mofo….I was sold. His appreciation of hotwives and my love of his work should have made me ecstatic but it actually just served to make me nervous and majorly intimidated. Luckily in the mix of all the nerves I had plenty of anticipation and excitement otherwise I probably would have let my insecurities get the best of me and politely declined. Andrew mentioned that he was heading out of the country for a project in a few days’ time so we should meet beforehand…the countdown was on.  Now I’ve made every excuse under the sun to never have to drive into NYC myself, I’m not a fan of traffic and confusion but if I was going to be able to bed this handsome actor I’d have to grow the fuck up and drive in. I did and it was amazing. It was an absolutely perfect summer day here in the Northeast; bright and sunny with a warm breeze.

So there I am cruising down the Palisades around noon with the sun shining and my music blaring, and my stomach doing backflips the entire time.  Lucky for me his place was easy enough to get to and I barely got lost. I found my way to the parking garage he recommended and attempted to park…it took a few tries because holy shit the combination of excitement and nerves were getting to me and I was aimlessly looking for a free spot. Finally parked and lipstick reapplied I took a minute or two in the car to try to calm my nerves. I knew I was excited, I knew my husband was excited and I hoped Andrew was a bit excited too. When I got to his building I made my way to the elevator, pressed the button and waited. The doors opened and  as I went to press 10 I realized all the numbers were odd. Not strange, just all odd numbers. I stood there stumped for a minute wondering what the hell elevators changed and only offered odd floors. I got out just in time to notice the other elevators across from me….the even floored elevator. Apparently that’s the way it works now. I was feeling even more foolish as I strolled to the proper lift…in the past half hour I managed to forget how to park and how to use an elevator. I was definitely feeling off my game and a maybe a bit out of sorts. When I got to is floor I stepped out and got to is door.  If I was ever nervous to meet someone it was here…in the seconds that it took him to open the door I had a mini “what the hell am I thinking’ moment but as soon as it opened I felt better.

I was greeted by a tall and handsome guy with an incredible smile.  His place was gorgeous…we walked down a long decorated hallway and into his place…most people would notice the huge windows with amazing views of the Hudson River and NYC but I’m not most people. I noticed the script open on the couch….the awards, books and photos that were around his apartment. It was bright and clean and somewhat modern; very west elm but still masculine. I did eventually find myself at the windows admiring the view as he gave me a quick rundown of what I was looking at below. I was hyper aware of his proximity the entire time and I have to say I was already finding myself incredibly turned on.   Luckily he had already promised me there was a good chance of me being on my knees the moment I walked in the door; well it wasn’t quite that fast but it was only about 15 minutes before I found myself there. We stood in the middle of the apartment and at some point after some small talk he leaned down and kissed me. I couldn’t help but notice that for the first time I had to stretch up to meet his mouth…within moments I was told to find my way down to my knees and to take his cock in my mouth, which I happily did.  Now I’m always happy to get a cock preview from a pic and even though his pics were great, they didn’t prepare me for the long smooth thick cock in front of me at that moment. Like any woman who loves sucking cock, I love a challenge so I set to work at licking, teasing and sucking his cock while he stood in front of me in the middle of his place. I was quickly on the edge of the bed with his cock in my mouth and enjoying the taste and feel of him when I realized I was having a hard time focusing on the task at hand.  That could only mean that the rest of my body was ready to be fucked and played with…so at some point I pried my mouth from his cock, got up and clothes starting coming off (I was pretty fully dressed while going down on him, no time to get naked after being ordered to my knees ya know). I don’t know if it was the nerves I had or the overwhelmingness of the situation for me but again I only remember bits and pieces of what came after. He fucked me across his bed, he ate my pussy until I was gripping the sheets and my knuckles were white, he fucked me hard and fast and with every inch of his huge cock fully buried inside me with each thrust. I couldn’t think or talk or function…I was completely overwhelmed and my thoughts were just ‘breathe, moan/scream, try to breathe again’….rinse and repeat. I was unprepared for just how much he stretched my pussy each time and he was unrelenting in fucking me deep and hard. His voice is just amazing and hearing him tell me how he had texted my husband and asking me how badly I want them both to fuck me sent me over the edge. I love when guys are vocal in bed and to date he was just amazing at saying the right thing at the right time. I especially loved him talking about my wedding ring and how much my hubby loved me being there fucking him and things like that. It was so sexy to hear his voice saying what a good slut I was being for them. Here i was in broad daylight,floor to ceiling  windows open to NYC (and a bit of Jersey is they have binoculars) I had this incredibly sexy man over me, his scent mixed with mine and his cock plunging into me every few seconds and erasing every thought I had…it was pretty fucking blissful.

When we were done  with round one he texted back and forth with my hubby as he got the shower started for me to jump in and rinse off.  Of course my husband  loved the updates from him and I was so turned on knowing that they were texting and I had no idea what they were planning or chatting about. I was showered and ready for more in no time. My hair and makeup didn’t make it through the first half hour so I’m sure I looked a tragic mess but at the moment my mind was elsewhere. I came out of the shower wrapped in a towel, looking for my clothes when he reminded me it was ridiculous to get dressed. I got back into his bed and we chatted about his work. Around that time a small funny thing happened. He got a text from an actress that I just adore and told me about it…as much as I wanted to suggest ‘invite her ass over here for me’ I withheld…cause she’s married and I’m not into chicks (would be for her though tbh)…so sexiness aside it was a random and fun thing for me to be sitting in the apartment of this actor whose work I love and chat about the others artists he works with that I love too. Now before I sound like fan girl extraordinaire I promise I wasn’t fangirling it up and i only mention it because it’s amazing to meet someone with very similiar interests and can talk about the things we enjoy about that topic. It was nice to unabashedly be like “I love that movie/show/whatever” and discuss it and ask questions, etc. Just a nice change of pace from the usual I guess. Anyway….we didn’t waste our time chatting about acting we quickly got back to it. He laid on his bed and I played with his cock while we we talked and he teased me…about what a slut I was 🙂

It didn’t take long for another round of mind numbing rough sex to get underway. Just as before I had no thoughts, no words and could only manage to moan, scream and smile as he fucked me. After a few hours had passed I was equally energized and fucking exhausted.  He was considerate enough to get me back on the road before rush hour traffic kicked in so after a few rounds and a truly lovely afternoon filled with music, conversation and amazing sex I was so ready to get home to my husband. We said goodbye at his door and I made my way back to the parking garage. Of course I completely forgot where I parked…like zero recollection of where the hell my car was. Luckily I prepared and told my husband where I parked so he helped me find our car and get back on the road.

Since I had a bit of a drive ahead of me I called my husband to fill him in on the details. As I drove home, filling my husband in on the dirty details I was on cloud 9. Again it was a beautiful afternoon, I was racing home to jump into my husbands arms, I had just been completely torn up by a handsome and talented mofo and I accomplished making my way into Manhattan and back without incident.

As far as meet ups go it’s still one of my absolute favorites. Of course the guy I met was just about as perfect as it gets but I also was so relieved and slightly proud that I pushed myself past my insecurities and comfort zone to do something (rather someone) that I really wanted to. I loved the interaction they had over text, I loved that my husband was so happy for me to get another great hotwife experience, I loved taking an entire afternoon to be indulgent and blow off everything to go fuck a handsome actor. The entire day/experience is not something I would have pictured myself doing just a year ago but there I was and I was so grateful and happy that this is where our kinky little journey had led us.

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