So to help out a few of you ‘bulls’ & single guys looking to join a couple or get with a hotwife here’s a list of what not to do and what worked for us. The bad messages: I included the entirety of the message (minus names/phone numbers), obviously they didn’t get a reply. The good: I edited out a little more here since they included more personal info but the main points are all still there. They are all from people who we either replied to chat with or met up with. So steal some ideas…most of the good messages have a little about themselves, what they’re looking for, a few compliments (never hurts) and usually an offer to meet or get to know each other. I love when someone takes the time to read our profile in full and then respond. It also helps if they acknowledge us as a couple and bonus points if they mention hotwifing or have experience with couples. So here’s a small sampling of the good/bad/ugly of online dating messages we’ve received:

The Bad:

  • You never know. We may just hit it off =)
  • Ohhh hiiiiiiii i will be so happy to meet a girl like u/Baby i am new here can i talk to u
  • Hey couple
  • Wz up
  • Nice boobs
  • well im saying you a sexy women and i like tht baby girl
  • Wow! Champagne and leather togheter?
  • so, what are you looking for?
  • unbelievable, want to kissing all of you, all day long, beauty
  • wow! she is amazing to look at. if you ever want to hook up a MFM, I should be your guy
  • I only fuck women 1 on 1 is that a problem?
  • Nice profile,I wish to have a chance at ghis

My favorite said: I dn’t want nothing to do with your man but I’ll fuck you

The Good:

  • Hey, how are you guys? I’ve read your profile, and figured I’d take the initiative to email you guys. Was very interested in what I read, as I feel we have similar interests. Of course the pictures didn’t hurt either . But I’m just reaching out to you guys to see if you would like to email a little to see if we click and hit it off. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks for your time.


  • Hey there. I live just across the river, and think we could have a lot of fun together. Especially with how sexy you look in your pictures. I’d love to talk to you so we could get to know each other.


  • Good morning guys. I’m an educated, clean, discreet, and respectful guy who lives and works in NYC. While I’m aggressive in the bedroom I’m always happy to respect any limits you might have. This is all about you guys and I know that it’s all about making your fantasies a reality. Just looking to help make that happen. I used to do improv comedy and am a jovial nice guy in general. I would love to hear more about Your situation and what you’re looking for. I keep myself in decent shape and everything nice and tidy. Would love to chat soon and start putting the pieces together. Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, I’m sure you hear it CONSTANTLY, but you’re a very sexy couple and I’d be honored to play with you. I’m very comfortable chatting and swapping pix to get comfortable. Happy to get on the phone right away to verify and move to something real as well.
  • Hey there M,


  • Thank you very much for the reply. I love the pics. You look incredible in them, the hubby is a very lucky man. Hopefully, I’ll have a bit of that luck after we get to chat.


  • Based on what you wrote in your profile, I think we would get along very well. I’m a strong guy, I lift regularly and play rugby, and I love using that strength in bed. But I also have an intellectual side, I’m an attorney, so I love the more mental parts of passion, like savoring the anticipation that builds up from teasing and foreplay. I enjoy playing the dominate role, holding your hands above your head while I tease your body with my tongue, pinning you down so I can have my way with you. But I also like the give and take of it. Sex is best when you’re riding each other. I love oral sex, both receiving and giving. I tend to be on the dirtier side with it, so I’d love to bend you over and lick you from behind. I don’t know if you prefer to play alone or with the hubby as well, but both are fine with me. I’m straight, but I like to perform and make a woman come in front of her man. There’s a power in it. As for my physical stats, I’m 5’10”, 175, 8″, and of course very clean and safe. I’d love to hear what you’re into.

Since I can’t reply to every message asking for advice on what to say/write hopefully other couples will add the good/bad in comments and give all you amazing ‘bulls’ some ideas to use (or an idea of what not to say) when you reach out to a hotwife/couple.

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