coupleskinkhotwifepicsandimages2014_544Just for fun I thought I’d ask you lovely hot wives a question. What are the best and worst of the places you’ve been to hook up? I’ve hosted at home, met at hotels and been to a few apartments and houses now and I’ve seen some things so I want to know what’s stood out to you.

A big part of what I love about being a hotwife and going to meet people is seeing how they live and what their place is like…at this point I’ve seen some things….some I’d rather forget and some stand out as being amazing…I’d love to hear your best and worst as well….

I’ll start:
The worst was a guy I met online that lived in CT. Went to his place to meet; after fooling around a bit at his restaurant we head upstairs. Like 4 million old wooden stairs in an old ass building. It would be beautiful actually, lots of one of a kind word work, but it wasn’t maintained. So then we walk down a hallway right out of the shining and into his place, maybe I should have turned around when I started to feel like I’m in the shining but I didn’t. His place wasn’t too bad if he was a 20 year old college frat guy but he wasn’t. He was a grown ass man that lived like a kid…I ignored the mountains of clothes on the only couch in the sparsely decorated living room and headed straight for the bedroom. Of course his bed wasn’t made and the only furniture was a 70 inch TV and the bed. At least I didn’t have to worry about lighting for pics, the TV was about as bright as the sun. He didn’t offer me anything to drink and when I spied the kitchen I’m guessing it’s because the kitchen was some kind of storage solution and not so much a place to eat or cook. He managed to keep it pretty dark despite there being hardly a curtain in sight, probably because there wasn’t anywhere to put a lamp so there was a strange balance between big huge -could be gorgeous- windows letting in light, no curtains and yet the unkempt wood work and lack of paint/décor made it dark and sparse and not very cozy feeling. He was great and a really nice guy but it was the most unwelcoming place ever, nowhere to sit, nowhere to put anything down on (who doesn’t own a single table?!?)…I had an alright time though and he was good in bed so there’s that.

The best is easily the actor. I have to write up anything about the actor because it’s hard to put into words how much fun I had that day (and when I got home). So I made my way into NYC to meet up and from the moment I got to his building it was just beautiful. Once I was walked through his door I was led down a tastefully decorated long narrow hallway and into his living space. It was open, clean, and bright and the floor to ceiling windows highlighted the amazing views of NYC & the Hudson River. As I got comfortable and looked around I noticed that he had his scripts for his next project lying on the couch and he had music already playing (amazing playlist, by the way). I was equally impressed by the various awards and cast & crew photos that were here and there on the bookshelf next to the bed. I thoroughly enjoyed lounging around (not much lounging happened but it was nice when it did) and enjoying the view. As soon as I saw the windows I was hoping for a second visit to we could fuck in front of those at night overlooking NYC, it’s a longtime bucket list item for me so I was excited to see that it may be a possibility. Even though it wasn’t a huge place (because that hardly exists in NYC) it was decorated straight out of a west elm ad. It was masculine and classy and exactly how the kind of place I’d live in if we had a weekend place in the city. Everywhere I looked had something amazing to offer from the buildings and traffic below, the photos and books next to the bed, and of course the tall handsome man that I wanted to get my hands all over. Major bonus points for offering me a shower and having a spotless bathroom and towels at the ready; he even adjusted the water and didn’t insist on joining me. I didn’t snoop through the bathroom, not my style (just sayin’) but everything was quite lovely and he made me feel very comfortable in his space. It was apparent that he put time and care into his surroundings and I could have spent all day asking about the books on his shelves, the art on the walls alone, but that would have been such a waste with a charming, handsome guy right there. Oh, and I had more than a good time; he was absolutely fantastic and rough and dirty and I had a great time getting fucked until I screamed all while he texted my hubby and kept him updated on our fun.