tumblr_mww3e10Uv11s02atbo1_500Before you jump right into your very own hotwife adventures it’s a good idea to test things out at home so you can evaluate how you feel when the fantasy leaves your mind and becomes something a little more real. If you or your spouse has this hotwife fantasy and isn’t ready or never wants to actually make it a reality then these are some things you can do to indulge the fantasy without bringing other people into your marriage/sex life.  Do them all (in no particular order) or just pick what appeals most to you and go from there.

Porn:  There’s plenty of porn for free online but in all honesty hotwifing isn’t something that there’s a ton of…yet. In our search for quality hotwife porn we’ve come across a ton of cuckolding porn but that’s not our style and it’s a big turn off for us. We have a few clips/videos that we recommend on our media page so use that as a starting point. If you’re in a position where you’re just exposing your SO to this kink I recommend previewing any porn to make sure there’s no humiliation, cuckolding or anything of the sort that will turn them off to the idea as a whole.

Toys: Another common way is to begin using toys in bed. Vibrators and dildo’s can act as your third and give the Mrs.  a  taste of what it’ll be like to add a third to your usual dynamic. There’s also the appeal of having a new and different ‘cock’ to feel. Part of the fun of being a hotwife is the variety so buy some toys that are a different length or girth to highlight the differences.

Dirty Talk/Role-play:  This is the one that really helped us in knowing we were ready to make our fantasy happen in real life. Talking about what you want to see, hear and experience in the moment can be a huge turn on and for us ladies it reiterates that this is a kink that truly turn you husbands on.  Saying (or screaming) another man’s name in bed when you’re cumming, pretending hubby is someone new (blindfolds help with this) can do wonders to make the transition easier from fantasy to the real thing.

Cam Shows & Posting Pictures Online: This one is a little tricky…some ladies just aren’t into sharing their image online and that’s completely understandable so don’t push the picture sharing unless it’s something that she’s interested in trying. If it’s a matter of low self -esteem  then there are plenty of places online that are incredibly friendly where you can share body pics (keep your face out if you care at all about privacy) and she’ll be sure to get a nice little ego boost from the comments and messages. If you’re not shy or prefer a more interactive feel then jump on a free cam site and play as a couple or solo. Have fun with the experience because sharing online is still sharing so you can get a nice little hotwife buzz from it. What you do online should be what makes you comfortable and what turns you on.

Sexting/Texting/Picture Sharing:  For those of us that like the written word sexting can be a fun little baby step into actually meeting someone. Of course sexting and chatting about this between spouses is a great idea and will undoubtedly lead to some very sexy fun at home but this is also a great way to include a third without actually including a third…yet (or ever). There are plenty of gentlemen who would love to chat & sext with a sexy wife and understand that it’s only sexting, it doesn’t have to lead to meeting in real life.

Bars/Clubs: If you prefer to show off in person then hitting up a bar/restaurant/lounge may be the way to go. Many couples like hanging out separately in public while the wife flirts and enjoys the attention from guys. It doesn’t have to go any further than that or it can go much further. It’s all up to you and what you’re comfortable with.