I’m currently re-evaluating my self-imposed age guidelines and I’d like to hear how everyone else comes up with their numbers.

I’m 30 (hubby is 33) and currently my rules is to only meet with guys who are between 26 and 39. There’s no real solid reason why I go by those, just what I thought I was most comfortable with when we started. Generally I like a casual FWB situation so I want to be comfortable just hanging out and having a drink together. I’m happy to sit and talk about anything or listen to them talk about their hobbies and passions, etc. but I feel like over 40 something and we’ll be smoking cigars and talking about stock portfolio’s all night and under 26 I feel like I just don’t have much common ground as a married mother of 3. There’s also the fact that I’d rather not compete (physically) with the co-eds the younger guys fucking on the regular…so that’s how I came up with 26-39. It’s been working out for me so far but there’s some smokin’ hot guys over 40 and so many under 26 who want to live out their milf fantasy and I’m not opposed to volunteering for that job (I think). Also I’ve realized that some of the most immature guys I’ve met were close to 40 and the one time I broke my rule (didn’t know until after the fact that he was just turning 24) he was one of the more mature, career driven, passionate guys I’ve met with.

So that’s where I’m at and before I go changing my rules I’d love to hear what age range works for you and how you came up with it and where it is in relation to your age, if you don’t mind. Messages welcome 🙂