I’ve considered sharing some music here for ages but I always overthink it so please excuse the ‘chaos’ that is this playlist. Over the years that I’ve been doing this hotwife thing I’ve created a bunch of little traditions, routines, rituals, whatever you want to call them. So over time I’ve noticed that music is my go to for getting in the mindset while I’m getting ready and on my way to a date. Below is the playlist that I usually throw on shuffle when I’m on my way and kinda let the randomness of the songs choose the vibe. I considered making note of what stands out or what I appreciate about each song or how it applies to the hotwife lifestyle but the list has grown and is so random that it would take forever and who has the time. So here’s the playlist and if you want more info on a particular song, my thoughts, to roast the hell outta me, whatever…lemme know. Most are pretty obvious and it’s definitely a pop heavy list so listen at your own discretion and if you have any to add, please tell me, I’d be so happy to find some new stuff to add to the rotation. Also, don’t roast the hell outta me, I wasn’t being literal….k, thanks. 🙂