The vast majority of the conversations I have are positive but every now and then something like this happens. It’s an unfortunate reminder that there’s a lot of misconceptions about this hotwife fantasy, about me and about how most couples navigate this kink. I thought I’d share this particular conversation for a few reasons; one being that it’s just so batshit crazy and two, you should be prepared to get a few responses that are downright insulting and infuriating.

I think the conversation is fairly self explanatory but some background…This conversation was over the course of a few days. It took place over snapchat with a guy¬†following me on there. Went from somewhat typical to just straight up stupid and ended at plain old rude & insulting.

The first few were in response to a ‘dick pic’ contest I was having (for a bit of fun) and he didn’t take not winning that contest very well. After that it pretty much goes downhill. I’ll admit that at some point I just played along to see just how far he would bury himself and to give myself a laugh (it really did become comically ridiculous towards the end there.) So enjoy this little peek into the craziness that is my recent snaphat adventure.

SO…yeah this happens. It’s not the best part of this lifestyle but it happens. I will admit to playing along just to see where that crazy train was heading. It went off the rails, clearly.

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