coupleskinkhotwifepicsandimages2014_255Um…hotwife husbands….let’s not forget that by asking us ladies to live out this fantasy your kind of asking a lot of us. I know it can be rough for you guys to come around to this fantasy too and there’s a lot of trial and error on everyone’s part but at the end of the day I’m the one fucking other people. While that’s super hot and awesome in so many ways there is another side to it that seems to have been overlooked a bit.

I get a lot of messages from guys who are eager to jump in and want to know how to nudge the wife along. She agrees to try it but isn’t quick to find another guy and get it on. I’m sure the wait can be frustrating for you fellas but please keep in mind what you’re asking of her and let her take her time and come to wanting to do this for herself. I know that ultimately a large part of the fantasy for the husband is seeing your wife receiving heaps of pleasure…that’s not going to happen if you badger her into fucking the first guy she locks eyes with just so you can get your rocks off. Find the guy, the situation or whatever that makes her eager and excited. This is especially important if it’s the first person she’s slept with in how ever many years you’ve been married or the only other person besides you that she’s ever been with….let her take her time and ease into it. 

If you’re a husband who wants to play out this kink, please realize that you’re asking me to add to my sexual history in order to fulfill your fantasy.

That’s no small thing. I can only speak for myself and I’m of the mindset that I give a shit about who I’m intimate with. It’s my sexual history, my life, my body and my memories. While it’s great to have the freedom to fuck other guys I do care who those guys are. In fact I care a great deal about who those guys are. No matter how dirty, nasty, kinky or crazy the sex is….no matter if it’s a one night stand or a long term fwb it’s being added to my personal list of sexual partners. At the end of the day I need to feel great about my list, I want to genuinely like each person. I need to be comfortable with the situations and people involved. If that means that I only want to fuck strangers who I never learn their names then that’s what it’s gotta be. If I only want to fuck people that I have a history with then that’s what will make me most comfortable and able to enjoy this kink. If you can’t come to an agreement or compromise on the types of people that you want to include….do not do it at all.

For us ladies we can’t undo what’s already been done. If you change your mind, if we have a regretful experience, if we decide we’re not into anymore….it’s kind of ‘the damage is done’ type of thing.  I can’t reverse the clock and take back my actions…I have to live with them. When I’m at the doctor filling out my sexual history I can’t pretend I didn’t fuck that one guy a few months ago who turned out to be a dud. It all counts. I can’t erase names or experiences off the list. Of course I’m willing to take that on and that’s what I’m signing up for in this kink but it’s still not something to take lightly. Consider that while most hotwife things are fun and sexy behind closed doors some aspects of it are lasting and can affect different people in different ways. The fantasy may be a huge turn on but if you know your wife is begrudgingly doing this for you…take a step back and re-evaluate; don’t push her into something that she can’t take back once she goes through with it. There’s no harm in keeping it a fantasy until you’re both 100% on the same page in regards to the who, when and how of making it a reality. 



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