Need help with my wife from Hotwife

Wife here….We have a few boundaries and rules that we’ve both come up with that have to do with when I’m actually meeting someone else…

I check in often…call, text, send pics…still working on this one by the way 🙂

If there’s any change in plans (mostly timing of getting home) then I check in so he doesn’t worry and is still in the loop.

I won’t engage in any D/s play, bondage or anything that would leave me vulnerable when I’m with someone else. No rule that I can’t blindfold them though…if they’re up for it.

No anal sex.

Nothing that leaves bruises, scratches, marks, etc…but I still seem to get them and find them days later…it’s actually not a big rules as we’ve found it’s kind of hot for us to figure out how the hell I wind up so ‘banged up’. Still though if my husband finds that you intentionally left your hand print, bite mark, scratches on my body we’re not going to be meeting up again.

Basically, I won’t do anything that requires a safe word..Our rules are mostly about my safety and his involvement, I have plenty of freedom within those to enjoy myself and make sure the other person does as well. It’s one of the many benefits of having his trust in all of this. As long as everyone feels involved, safe & respected then we’re happy.