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I’m back on Snapchat….details inside

I‘m saddened to say that my Snapchat account has been terminated.  After sharing my day to day life, from date nights to baking and everything in between, someone felt the need to consistently report me until my account was shut down. I don’t know who, snapchat doesn’t give many specifics unfortunately. I have to say that this has been surprisingly devastating. Those that have followed along for awhile know the amount of time, energy and effort I put into responding to everyone and how much of my open marriage and daily life I’ve shared for so long. I have...

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Hotwife FAQ

You have questions…I have answers! I get a lot of messages and a lot of questions, Here’s the most common and frequently asked. ”How did you get started…Who brought it up?” We came to hotwifing via swinging…well we weren’t actually swinging but we were talking about it as something that might be fun to try…one day. The conversations were usually short and light, it was a far off fantasy since we had little kids at home and almost zero personal time. The appeal of having some adult fun after 7 years of having and raising kids was too strong...

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The best wife centric subreddits to check out

Check Out r/HotwifeLifestyleCheck Out r/HotwifeRequestsCheck Out r/Hotwife Looking For A Third?Want to share your media?Like Minded Subreddits r/HotWifeLifestyle Everything Hotwife!! /r/hotwiferequests Post location and what you’re looking for /r/dirtykikpals Find men, women and couples to sext with /r/dirtyr4r Find fellow kinky redditors to meet IRL /r/BDSMpersonals If you’re looking for a D/s twist to your kink /r/RandomActsOfBlowJob For when a BJ is the only thing you want /r/R4R30Plus Find 30+ redditors to meet IRL /r/R4OlderWomen Make a young guys dream come true & find a third /r/WouldYouFuckMyWife Fairly self explanatory /r/wifesharing From Mild to Wild Photos of Wives /r/TributeMe...

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Husband’s Preferences Questionnaire

 Indulge me if you will and tell me what your hotwife lifestyle is like and what your preferences are by completing the questionnaire below.   Thank you for your interest in taking the Husband Preferences Questionnaire . It is my hope to learn more about the couples, marriages and people who take part in the hotwife (open marriage) lifestyle. This quiz/survey is specifically for the wonderful husbands that are currently married to (active) hotwives. Please answer questions honestly. There are no identifying questions, everything is anonymous so there's no need to be less than 100% truthful. There are 47 questions,...

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The Dirty Dozen Questionnaire

Here’s a quick questionnaire for my fellow hotwives. It’s all in good fun so don’t fuss over having a perfect answer, just be honest. It’s anonymous and mostly to indulge my own curiosities about what you ladies are up to behind closed doors. 1) How many people have you fucked since becoming a hotwife?2) What's the biggest cock you've had since becoming a hotwife?3) How many of the men you've met have cum inside you?4) Where do you like your partners to cum?Inside meTitsAssStomachFaceno preference 5) What aspects of a date night turn you on the most?Hint6) What, if...

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