advice-620x400_FotorA little advice for those starting out. If you’re like me and you meet guys one on one (usually their place or a hotel) you should be aware that it’s quite the adrenaline rush, at least for me it is. So with that in mind here’s a few things to keep in mind.

Before meeting someone (new or repeat) I’m usually incredibly nervous. It’s ridiculous that practically 2 years in I’m still a ball of nerves but it is what it is. So the day of I have nerves for hours then I meet up with someone….awesome sexy time ensues and then it’s time to get home to my husband. I’ve found that as soon as I leave I notice the adrenaline. It’s awesome for many reasons but (and here’s where my warning/advice comes in)…it’s a trip…physically, emotionally and mentally. I’m usually still on a super awesome adrenaline high when I’m leaving…which makes for an interesting ride home. There’s so many things going on at once (usually all good things) and it’s a lot to process so I’ve started doing a few things to make that ride home a little safer. First…be super aware of your surrounding and know how to get home. It’s not fun getting lost on the way back because you’re mind is going a million miles a minute and you’re not paying attention. Second…bring some water…and a snack couldn’t hurt. I’ve taken to bringing a huge bottle of water and a granola bar for the ride home. Even when the last thing I want to do is helps. I’ve driven home with the adrenaline come down and it makes me shaky, unfocused and then incredibly tired. What a terrible combination when you’re behind the wheel. Also my blood sugar is all over the place and i usually can’t eat before meeting so by the time I’m on my way home it’s been hours and hours and I have nothing but a stomach full of cum and liquor (at least that’s the case if it’s a good night) so having some water to wake me up helps immensely. I know this is strange advice in the grand scheme of all this hotwife fun but I think it’s practical and I wish I knew it before those first few encounters so I’m sharing it now.