Outside of this hotwife fantasy we are a very ‘normal ‘down to earth couple. We’re in our early thirties, we have 3 young kids at home, and we work together and run our household as a team. We have big families, a close social circle and hobbies that have nothing to do with this kink. We’re pretty much a white picket fence away from a Norman Rockwell painting.

The people we’ve met through this kink come from all parts of the world, all ages, all races and all economical classes. We’ve found that this is a fantasy that so many men and women have yet to live out because they hesitate in acting on it for fear of the fallout. We’ve successfully been active in the hotwife lifestyle while not a single family member of friend has found out, we hold jobs, we raise our kids and our kink has yet to affect our day to day lives in a negative way. In fact it’s made us better friends, parents and partners.

We began this journey and haven’t looked back yet, we continue to grow and evolve within our marriage and being a hotwife has had a huge hand in that. After a lot of communication we were in a place where the potential rewards outweighed the nerves we had about starting and we were ready to make our little kink a reality. We came up with the details of what our ideal situation would look like and decided that we would try it once and go from there. It takes a strong relationship (and excellent communication) to partake in this kink as it is so we knew that we could handle any fallout if things didn’t go as smoothly as we envisioned. For us it boiled down to this: If we both enjoyed the experience and were happy, we could do it again but if either of us had any negative feelings about the reality of sharing/being shared then we would chalk it up to a failed relationship experiment. We also agreed that anything that happened wouldn’t be held against either one of us, it wouldn’t be viewed as cheating and it wouldn’t change how my husband felt about me in or out of bed. This also includes no “you made me do it” or “it was all your idea/kink so it’s entirely your fault”. Obviously there’s no way to truly know beforehand how you’ll feel or how deeply you’ll feel it but we made a promise to each other that no matter how bad it was we were going to be in the trenches together and we’d simply have to fix our issues and come out stronger. This is one of those times we really had to take ‘for better or for worse’ very seriously. Lucky for us we’re best friends, married for the long haul and pride ourselves on our love, respect & admiration of each other. Most people who know us have said they assume we’re the swinging from chandeliers type of couple but nobody would ever guess that I’m a hotwife.  We think that this lifestyle works for us because we already have a solid foundation and are able to open up and let others in from time to time. We always say “it’s ain’t always easy but it’s worth it” and that’s especially true of making this fantasy work for us and our marriage.