coupleskinkhotwifepicsandimages2014_431After posting that we were looking for guys to meet I received a lovely reddit message that was all pretty standard stuff but every so often a few stand out more than others and this was one of them. I gave this gentlemen my kik ID and we started chatting shortly after. Now since I had just posted on reddit my inbox and kik was kind of insane so I wasn’t investing too much into chatting with any one person…casting a wide net or something like that. But then I found over just a few hours that I was consistently having a great little conversation with this one guy. His pics were great and in his texts he said all the right things at the exact right time. He wasn’t pushy, rude or irritating….in fact I had stopped chatting with everyone else because I was enjoying our back and forth so much over the course of a day or two.

That turned into all week. We learned that he is an engineer; he lives out of state but travels through from time to time, he was handsome and charming and has an amazing body (and cock). His turn ons and kinks were the same as my own and he genuinely seemed to be interested in meeting up without being pushy about it. I was happy to have a fun conversation going throughout the week that was a mix of exchanging pics, talking about our day and telling each other various naughty and wonderful things we looked forward to doing together. He happened to be spending some time in Philly and I had a great time teasing him and getting him a little worked up and distracted…it must have worked because the next day (Sunday) as we talked about our weekend I got the best text…Something like ‘wouldn’t today be perfect to meet up’. It really was the perfect day, all was quiet at home, I was incredibly horny and had plenty of time….then I received an ‘I’ll get us a room, let me know when and where and I’ll start driving’…fuck! I talked it over with my hubby and even though we usually don’t do last minute meet ups we both really liked him and decided it would be fun. He started driving and I started getting ready. My husband was hard and excited the entire time. I was turned on and excited….almost too distracted to get nervous…almost. I headed out as soon as I was ready and gave my hubby a big kiss and a thank you….then stopped for wine and headed straight to the hotel.

I picked up my key and made my way to the room.  I knocked and e answered right away. Now I have to say that I’m always happy to meet people, I’ve never been disappointed or felt duped my pics of hat someone looks like but a few times I’ve been pleasantly surprised when guys are even better looking in person then in pics; this was one of those times. He was a little taller than I expected and for lack of a better word he was hot.  I walked into the room and we said our hello’s…I may have been getting even more nervous at this point so the wine he had opened and poured was a welcome distraction. We sat on the bed, tv on and chatted for a bit. I have no idea what we talked about….my mind was focused on his handsome face, smirk to die for, dark hair, bright smile and all that great stuff. For being nervous just moments earlier as soon as we sat and talked I felt completely comfortable and so much more at ease, we had great chemistry and were able to just enjoy chatting and flirting despite how crazy the situation was.  After a glass of wine he leaned over and kissed me. I melted just a little. I have yet to find someone who is terrible in bed but I have come across a few less than compatible kissers…he’s not one of them, he’s by far one of the best I’ve met to date. One kiss led to more and more and soon clothes were coming off and his hands roamed my body.  Again my memory never took in the details of what came first, next and last, I remember bits and pieces and highlights and feelings. I remember teasing his cock but even I couldn’t hold out and just wanted to focus on finding the best way to lick and suck him and drive him wild. I was greedy and so turned on by having his cock in my mouth as I played with his body. His hands were so big and strong; he grabbed and held me at all the right moments…he was dominant and in charge without being Dominant…his face buried between my legs felt amazing; seeing him look up at my while licking my pussy almost made me cum right then and there….when his cock first slid in me was a mix of oh fucking god yes…more now! And omg…take it easy on me I might need a minute to adjust to this right here…he filled me up and stretched my pussy around the girth of his hard cock, I was on the verge of cumming almost the entire time and I’m sure my screams and moans made that evident to half the hotel. At some point I muttered that I was about to cum, he encouraged me only to have me say ‘hell no’ (lol..i think that totally confused him). I didn’t want to stop being right there on the verge, feeling him bringing me closer and closer to orgamsing was just the right kind of self-imposed torture that heightened his every move and thrust. It was amazing how every move and position kept me so close to cumming and feeling absolutely dizzy with lust.

Everything about fucking him was fun and playful and loud and hard….all amazing things in my book and I was thoroughly enjoying every single moment.  If my memory isn’t too fuzzy I believe I was bent over a bed with him behind me pulling my ass and hips into him when he just couldn’t wait any more and had to cum. I greedily and happily got to my knees and had him cum in my mouth and down my throat. He’s fucking delicious and I was absolutely thrilled to have his cock back in my mouth as he came.  Something must have happened after that but I don’t remember it….we recovered, got dressed, kissed and chatted i think….in any case it was getting late and he had a long drive ahead.

We started our goodbyes but the close proximity of chatting and the desire to make this last just a little longer won out and I found myself all over him again kneeling on the bed, clothes coming off for the second time and our lips rarely parting as our hands moved across each other’s bodies (gods my lips were swollen and sore after this meet up). Again I can’t remember much as it was a blur of energy…at some point I found myself pushed against the wall with his muscular body pressing into mine, his mouth on my lips and neck and his hands roaming lower….then his hands wrapped around my legs and he lifted me and turned to the bed without his mouth leaving mine. That was a first and now I see why they do that shit in movies, it was incredibly hot and had me dripping wet to feel myself wrapped around his body. He tossed me down onto the bed with a wicked look on his face; as soon as I saw that smirk as he crawled on top of me I was practically done for. He fucked me while I lay on my back, my legs wrapped around him and pulling him into me like I couldn’t get enough…despite the fact that I was already sore in that moment I wanted more. It was all just as amazing and playful as the first time. We came again (I had one of those amazing rolling orgasms that just don’t stop)….and then had to recover again.

I had him lay down so I could massage his back. Now I’m a sucker for a nice strong muscular back on a guy and his was just fantastic to rub my hands over….until he offered the same. I’ve never turn down a massage and I wasn’t about to start here and now. He rubbed from my shoulders to my ass and I was so completely comfortable and relaxed with my whole body tingling. Unfortunately he had a long drive back and it was fairly late so we decided to leave….for real this time. We dropped off the keys and I’m sure it was quite obvious that we were those horrendously loud people fucking like crazy (my wild hair and smudged makeup usually clues people in as does the goofy ass smile I get after fucking).  We walked out of the hotel together. A last kiss (so fucking good) was had in the parking lot and then I headed home. The whole way I was beyond happy to report back to my hubby that I had a great time and that he had tried a few new moves that I loved.  When I got home it was maybe 11pm or so; I crawled into bed with hubby and told him how he was even hotter in person, great kisser, amazing in bed and that I would love to meet up again. Amazing sex was had and I spent the next day taking it very easy and recovering from being so thoroughly fucked by two amazing handsome men.

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