Three things I love and appreciate: Organization, data and helping people! From these things the hotwife spreadsheet was born. Of course it actually came about when my husband and I were running down the mental list of who I’d like to meet, where they live, etc. As many couples here may already know once you post you’re flooded with hundreds of messages and potential guys and it can be hard to keep track of it all. The solution was my very own hotwife spreadsheet.

Knowing that my husband is a freaking excel ninja I asked him to help me come up with a spreadsheet that we could use to keep tabs on everything going on hotwife related so that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed…he delivered. Of course my little spreadsheet was way beneath his skills but he gladly helped me put it together in a way that I would be able to share it so other couples could use it for themselves (if they’d like). Of course since I made it for myself the categories might not be relevant to every couple but you can edit and change it up as you see fit.

A quick rundown (before you download or if you’re just curious)

There are pages/tabs for: Basic Info, Potential Partners, Previous Partners, Banned/Blocked People, My dating site profiles & accounts

The categories (generally speaking) on each tab are things like: name, age, phone number, location, gender, ability to host, testing status, kinks, date & place we met, etc. Things like nickname & potential repeats are more geared for me personally but I left them in just in case they’re handy for someone else.

If you wind up downloading and using the spreadsheet you’ll notice that theres notes on almost every category that explain a bit about what goes there so hopefully that helps and if not feel free to reach out and we can explain if need be. I tried to keep it simple but I like lots of info/data and I wanted it to be clear and self explanatory.

Now my husband loves data even more than I do so he’s working on adding some formulas so if you’re interested in that get in touch and when it’s done we’ll share (when it’s done). Formulas will mostly be just to see where the most successful hook ups come from, average age of guys, how often I meet them, etc. so we’ll need some more data before we can work on that. The formulas are completely unnecessary and mostly just to satisfy our own curiosity but if you’re like us and want all the dirty data let us know and when the formulas are added we’ll hook ya up.

The google drive link to access the Hotwife Spreadsheet: is below. Make sure you download and save your own personal copy of it. This is a shared document.

The Hotwife Spreadsheet


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