So, what exactly is Snapchat Exxxtra?

It’s simple.


What is it?

Let’s be real, it’s basically premium but I’m not willing to call it that.
I’m doing it my own way so it’s a little different than some other ‘premium’ snapchat accounts.

But why?

Well there’s a few reasons. First, because I want an outlet to share and interact on a more personal and private level. Second, I’ve been asked so much that I figured it could be another fun outlet for my exhibitionist streak. Lastly, I share quite a bit on snapchat and have a great time doing so but there’s so much more to show that I’m just not comfortable putting out there without some kind of barrier. Unfortunately I deal with people constantly taking screenshots and/or sharing my story without permission (I get it and whatever) but because of that I’m wary of sharing a few very intimate aspects of my hotwife lifestyle, with snapchat exxxtra’s I can do that now. win/win in my book.


What’s are the perks?

Date Night Snaps: Of course this is subject to the person I’m meeting and the situation but I would love to be able to share more of my dates; from getting ready to going home and more.

Post Date Snaps: This one is under more control so I’ll be sharing my post date reconnecting with my husband…whatever that may include 😉

Video Clips & Snapshots: Be among the first to see new video clips and photos/screenshots as well as plenty from my archives.

Make Requests: I usually don’t take requests since it can get overwhelming but since this is limited to a much smaller audience so I can finally entertain specific requests (i.e. feet pics, playing w/ toys, etc).

1 on 1 attention: Finally a place I can chat and get to know everyone a little better and dedicate some time and attention on a personal level.

Promotions and giveaways are on the horizon as well as discounts to memberships and full length videos.

I hate change, and I hate this idea. Why are you doing something I don’t like?

If this isn’t your style, that’s cool. There’s an internet full of free porn, free snap accounts (like my main one) and you can and should go check those out. If this little hotwife niche is your thing but you don’t pay for anything sex/kink related…again that’s cool. You do you and enjoy everything that I share for free (and have for years).

So you’re going premium? What’s going to change?

Not quite premium, remember?! Nothing will change, scout’s honor! My regular snapchat will be exactly the same and will be the one I am logged in to the majority of the time. I’ll still share everything from the sexy to the silly aspects of my lifestyle (and my days). Literally nothing will change and I won’t stop sharing photos, videos and sneak peaks on the daily. Exxxtras is just for sharing more, things that are in addition to my regular snap account.

Are there new rules for the new account?

The rules are the same. No screenshots, no rudeness or negativity. I’m here to share and have fun, you should be too. I reserve the right to refund your money and block you if you deserve it. I don’t tolerate hateful people, screenshots, posting my story online w/o permission, constant harrassment etc. Just be normal and we’re all good.

How much and where can I sign up?

For the month of October it’s $10.00. If you sign up now you lock in your snapchat exxxtras membership at that rate for not only October but for as long as you keep your membership active. Starting November 1,2017 it will be $20.00 monthly.

But I’m a poor struggling student/single parent/hobo and I can’t pay?

That’s cool but don’t feel like you have to sign up and don’t pester me for free access please. Everything on the exxxtra’s account is in addition to my usual snapchat stories so you’ll have plenty to see there and that’s 100% free to follow.

How will it work?

Once you sign up  you’ll receive an email with my newest snapcode. Scan the code in snapchat and that’s it!
I’ll add you to my friends list asap and you’ll be able to get in touch and see my stories from then on.
Billing is done with discretion so you’ll be billed from MV Services LLC not CurvyHotwife.

If there’s any questions please feel free to get in touch.

TL;DR: I have a second snapchat account, if you’re a greedy perv (yay!) and want to see more of the good stuff sign up and you can. I’m still doing my thang on my regular account but the overflow of snaps and whatnot go to this xxx account, if you want in on that, sign up and pay and we’ll both be happy.