You just never know what type of people you will meet.
So with some top notch, hands on hotwife education and experience under my belt, I was ready to take my bull talents to a new city…
Truth I had just taken a big step in my career relocating for a position in Atlanta.  Here I was moving away from the only place I called home, by myself with no family and friends within a couple hundred miles.  It was a glorious time.  I had such little responsibilities and took this time to focus on myself.  My personal life and career thrived during this period.
My growth and development as a bull began to thrive, and I always view this period as my most critical point.  I developed more confidence and became more comfortable in my own skin.  That swagger alone helped me tremendously in experiences.  I became more daring in my sexuality.  Did my first of many MFM threesomes with couples, did thrresomes with two women, and got in touch with my voyeuristic side.  I was putting less pressure on myself to be the perfect bull and focused on having fun.  While also improving my awareness of the desires from the couples I was meeting.
At this point, I am on the wonderful Adultfriendfinder site.  I found a profile of a married couple that were a bit further south of the Atlanta metro.  The profile says they are easing into hotwifing and needing a patient and charming guy to talk to her.  The wife’s pictures were intriguing so I took my shot.
I was quickly contacted back from the husband and after 3 days we moved to kik.  He sent me pictures of her and she was drop dead gorgeous.  Just seemed like the southern girl they sing about in country songs.  Blonde hair blue eyed and innocent looking.  After a week I finally started talking to her and she was also so Southern in that she was sweet as sugar, but very shy.
I knew this would take some time, but I wanted to stay committed to it.  I talk to the husband and wife almost daily.  I started to connect with the husband as we had deeper conversations on things like business and finances.  Turns out he was a successful business owner in a smaller town, but I learned that looks can be very deceiving.
After three months of talking we finally planned a meet.  They were going to get a hotel room and have meet her at the hotel bar and talk a bit.  They were so generous to buy me my own room too.  The plan is set and they tell me to meet at the St. Regis hotel in Atlanta.  I had heard of St. Regis being upscale but I was not prepared for this experience.
I’m a young single professional who just bought an Acura.  I mean I’m in top of the world…but knocked back down quickly after entering the hotel valet line behind a Bentley and a Maserati in front of that.  Here I am with my ragged old red suitcase but I will give the St. Regis staff credit, they always treated me like a king.
I got myself ready and headed to meet them.  I met the husband outside the bar and he handed me a drink and wished me luck.  She was sitting at a table with obvious butterflies until we made eye contact.  She was as gorgeous as I expected.  Conversation went very well and he made our way up to the room for a night of unbelievable sex while her husband watched.  This was the weekend.  Sex, eating at fine restaurants, more sex.  The husband had some cuckold/humiliation tendencies and actually had her stay in my room so he could listen to us have sex at times.
The next year or so is a mind blowing experience multiple trips to the St. Regis, suites at sporting events, and their GA coast beach home.  Even was allowed to take his wife away for a weekend trip to Miami on his dime.
I had started to develop a strong friendship with this couple that still continues today.  As much as the husband had desire to be humiliated, I admire his intellect and business success.  I also learned he was a very much a political influencer.  You may recall that little Georgia governors recount deal recently.  Well on two occasions I saw him on TV standing behind his candidate during press conferences.  Pretty surreal to see someone on cable news and being able to say to yourself, “Hey, I know that guy.  He used to like me to cum on his wife’s tits and film it.”
So the moment that epitomizes my experiences with them.  We set up an Atlanta visit before Christmas.  I check into my room to find a small gift box waiting for me with a card.  The card says, “Thank you for being her best bull and providing us both so much pleasure.”  The gift was a Rolex watch.  I had never even seen one before and was stunned by the generosity.
….but I sold the watch just a few days later.  I was just a normal guy with student loans to pay.

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