Hotwife Questionnaires

Quizzes & Questionnaires Are Coming Soon!

The questionnaires are currently a work in progress.
After gaining so much insight from the initial surveys
I’m excited to put together some more well rounded and insightful questionnaires, surveys and quizzes.

I‘d love to make this a collaborative effort so I’m inviting
you to use the form to send me your ideas and suggestions.
I’m open to ideas on improving previous questions or answers,
new questions you’d like to see asked and anything else you’d like to add.

Check out a few of the questions and answers from the initial survey

Submit your questions, comments and suggestions below

Questionnaire Ideas & Feedback

11 + 6 =

The Hotwife Preferences Questionnaire
Questions pertaining to your preferences
in men, timing, location, etc. and your feelings and thoughts behind the hotwife kink.

The Basic Hotwife Survey
A/S/L and general play style questions.
It is recommended to take this as a couple
or at least answer as a couple.

The Husband Preferences Questionnaire
Questions pertaining to your preferences
in your wife’s choices, your feelings and thoughts
behind the hotwife kink.

Before You Begin

  • There are no wrong answers and no time limit.
  • You will receive a copy of your quiz via email once the quiz is complete. It will be sent to the email provided at the start of the quiz.
  • Discretion is my middle name so the only data used from the survey will be non identifying and non personal. Any information from the quiz will only be posted on the site to show trends, commonalities and the like about the hotwife lifestyle. Nothing personal will be used or posted anywhere, ever!

..and one last thing: Thank You! I truly appreciate your participation. If you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions please send me a message.