Feel free to follow along if you’re down for some real deal day to day hotwife lifestyle shit…like baking, scenic backyard pics, pre date anxiety attacks, fortnite complaints, and random tidbits of hotwife advice. Once in a while there’s even a boob or two, maybe even a date night just to balance things out. It’s the same as before but new because someone had the old account terminated so…let’s do this…again my fellow hotwife enthusiasts!

Disclaimer: Not a sexy hotwife account. It should be called baking and bitching not thecurvyhotwife, if I’m being honest. It truly is my random day to day stuff but I had so many people on there that I loved chatting with, learning from and sharing so much with and I’m devastated that it was terminated out of nowhere. There are thousands of you around the world that I’ve gotten to know, in various ways, and it’s been a surprisingly positive awesome community. So if you already followed along please know that I appreciate you and would love to have you back.